14 months

Hi everyone through the highs and low as of stroke revcovery I realised I’m 14 months post incident I just wondered does recovery speed up when your in the teen months


Morning Kevin - im 2 months ahead of you but feel as determined and motivated as i ever have to make the recovery possible.

Working and driving were my 2023 goals - both achieved so im going to move along to my 2024 goals soon.

Likely to be going on holiday abroad, becoming more independent and getting function into my asleep left a


Arm lol.

Your vid of your holiday walking shows how far youve come buddy.
I’m on the stroke Information whatsapp group too


Hi @Kevin83
I’m 3 years today :slight_smile: I don’t think recovery speeds up based on chronology at all for me. If anything time has the most potential to add impediment if the use it or lose it paradigm isn’t constant focus.

I do think my recovery is accelerating in some areas

If one draws a graph of time on the x axis and percentage capability on the y axis then the curve is an s curve - at the beginning enormous amount of exercise only creates small neuroplastic changes. But each change enables the usage of the limb or other function in daily life.

As the brain encounters the challenges of usage in daily life so the rate of neuroplastic change increases until capability is reaching a plateau. I don’t believe in plateaus. Each plateau is a launch pad for new capability - When you reach a launch pad / plateau it is necessary to regroup and in these cases I find changing my exercise regime to build something else and then coming back to the topic in hand perhaps 3 months later.

There do seem to be some caps or ceilings that have to be busted through - for example I have been working hard for 3 years on my right arm and have seen progress in every aspect but the two laggards are my middle and ring finger - but they operate on a slower time frame My index finger extends reasonably well but it is learning to curl on the same time scale as my other two fingers in most orientations but in several it’s even slower

So that curve isn’t one simple s shape It’s a succession of S’s coming one after another and dependant on lifting capability in other areas such as my shoulder and even things like not involving my toes in attempts to use my hand



I’m not sure recovery speeds up but i am a big believer that if you put in the effort you should get the rewards. There will be some exceptions i’m sure. Good luck with your journey.


I don’t think it speeds up either. I’m almost 3yrs post stroke and still finding improvements in things like foot drop, balance, clarity and cognition, arm extension and most recently some improvement in speech. So there’s still plenty of time for improvement in yourself, just not as quickly as we’d all like :blush:


You’re last sentence re room for improvement and it not being as quick as we’d like, i sooooo right.
Patience is a virtue they say :grinning: