13 years on

Hi my name is sue

I had a stroke 13 years ago it was bad I was unconscious for 2 or 3 days but my speech was not affected just had trouble with legs.i still have trouble now I am not very mobile and use a mobility scooter for out and about. Because of this I am overweight but I still enjoy life and got my family around me.my daughter has cerebral palsy and has become a dance teacher in seated dance she is now got a zoom class with brilliant music.if anyone is interested please let me know.

If anyone is interested in seated dance please follow chachachairs on youtube

Thats great to hear Sue, i just had a look at the website and Youtube videos :) Theres a lot to be said about music and movement. Good for the soul and a lot of fun One of my local stroke groups has had a few zoom exercise sessions to music, it gave them a bit of a work out and they had a darn good laugh, which is what its all about. Do you have a go yourself?


Hi yes I do I love music and dance I go to all my daughter's competitions which are ballroom and Latin she has a few medals 2 gold silver and bronze.its great to watch and such a inspiration when you see so many wheelchair users competing at all levels.