12 months on………

It’s 12 months today since my stroke and what a 12 months it has been. Full of ups, downs with many tears of frustration. But has mainly been about progress and rebuilding my life.

I went to work as normal that day feeling completely well. A couple of hours later I started to feel sick and dizzy. Never thought much of it but took myself home just in case I had Covid. Over the next few days my balance went, my vision went funny, I got a horrid headache and then 3 days on I lost the use of my left arm. It was at this point I thought I should seek medical advice. I never gave stroke a thought as I was a fit and healthy 49 year old. To say I was shocked when they said I’d had a stroke would be an understatement.

In comparison to many, my stroke was quite mild although it has still affected me greatly.

Like for many, my life has changed a lot. I was a very busy independent person pre stroke but am now a lot less busy and still very dependent in lots of ways. I have accepted that things won’t be the same and am ok with it.

I still struggle with walking properly and for any distance, my left eye muscle is weak and I have some double vision issues, my balance was much improved but It has recently taken a backward step along with the return of some awful dizziness. My fuzzy heads had eased but seem to be worse again; mainly when fatigued. My cognitive issues are getting better but still have a way to go. And as for fatigue…….well it’s just rubbish.

When I look back I have made loads of progress. Moving forward I’m hoping to be back at work very soon (phased return with adjustments), I’ll continue battling on with my walking and improving all my other remaining deficits and I’m really hoping to get some answers to my dizziness.

There have been some low points but it hasn’t all been bad. I quite like my more sedate life, I have some new hobbies (colouring, baking and poetry) and I’ve stopped stressing about the little things that really don’t matter anyway.

This group has been amazing. Your advice and support and general good humour are second to none. You have made me laugh, cry (happy & sad tears) & scratch my head in confusion :joy: You’re all inspirational and I feel lucky to have met you all.

And the stroke association must have known it was my anniversary as in my inbox this morning I received their magazine which has an article about me in it. Fame at last :joy::joy: I’ve copied the link below if you want a read.

Thank you to you all from the bottom of my heart and here’s to many more laughs over the next 12 months.


Thank you @jane.cobley this forum has definitely been a life saver. Have the best day xxx

Inspirational post. The important thing is that you have accepted your stroke. Many don’t. None of us expect it and it is life changing. Fortunately, like many, you have a fighting spirit and that’s why you’ve improved. The hardest thing to accept is that life will never be the same. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t have quality of life.

Keep up the good work.

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Great post and a reminder that it’s not all bad. You have been a great contributor on this forum and I’m sure you have helped many people with your words of wisdom and empathy.

Good luck with your recovery and your plan to return to work. Keep up the good work.

Regards Sue

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@Loshy not a crazy thing to say at all. One of the best things about my stroke has been "meeting"you all. We’ve all had different journeys but with many similarities.

I have been very touched by your support to me over the last 12 months but especially the last few days which have been especially tough. I hope i’ve helped you a little bit too.

I will be laughing about your hubbys bucket list for a long time​:grin::grin:

Hugs right back at you :heart::heart::heart::hugs::hugs::hugs: xxx


Thank you @John_Jeff_Maynard it took meva while but i think acceptance is a big part of moving forward. I still get down days but not as often now. I’m quite stubborn so that helps with my progress :rofl:

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@Susan_Jane thank you. If i’ve helped just one person a little bit then that makes me happy. I find everyone’s contributions invaluable even if I haven’t experienced what they have. Im definitely glad I found this forum.
Best wishes xx

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Thanks for sharing your personal journey and inspiring us all @Mrs5K. Ann x

Ill read your story and great that arechappy to share this all with a wider audience!!.

Looking forward to saying hello if youre joining Bobbis zoom call on 5th December xx

Thanks a million


Thanks Andy @TRFCANDY53

I hope to be on mondays call. Look forward to meeting you then.

Ann x

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Thank you @Mrs5K what do I say, may each anniversary be a little (or a lot) happier, I suppose.
Hilary pointed out this thread to me.
There is a lot of really good, helpful information here. You are an inspiration and as I have said a few times . . .

keep on keepin’ on.

:smiley: :+1:

Shwmae @Mrs5K, diolch for sharing your story and being such an active member of our community. We have appreciated your thoughts and insights, and your contributions have helped contribute to the supportiveness and warmth of our forum. I don’t know if this is applicable to you, but in my case, as I improved things tended to get worse. Let me explain. As my brain got over certain initial hurdles, the further challenges were harder and have made me feel at times like I have regressed because I have actually moved forward. When I have giddiness now, it tends to feel more acute because it’s more noticeable, if that makes any sense. Anyway, this may or may not apply to you. My nausea caused from feeling giddy is more severe because I am moving faster than before, and as I am moving faster, the giddiness is more pronounced.

At any rate, early on in my recovery, a friend told me that the “bad days” were actually a result of the brain making tiny connections, and the following “good days” were a sign of small improvements. Whether this is based on any scientific fact or not, I cannot say, but it has been a better way for me to endure the “bad times”, if only as a placebo.

You have achieved a great deal in your twelves months, and hopefully this rocky patch will see you coming out the other side with further improvement. Keep on rebuilding and measuring your success, everyday is a success for us stroke survivors. I am not glad you have had a stroke, but I am glad you are part of our community. :grin:


Well done for making it so far may your on going recovery go well with kind regards des

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@Bobbi thank you…i’m sure as each year passes things will only get better. I’m really enjoying your zoom meetings & I so hope I can make next Monday.

Stealing your phrase…you keep on keeping on too :grin:

P.s. say hi to Hilary for me too & a happy birthday to her for Friday (i think??)


@Rups thank you for your kind words.

There is a lot of truth in what you say. I am really hoping this is the case for me. Doesn’t feel like it right now but I’m still suffering so it’s probably tainting my view.

I have had dizziness a lot since my stroke. I had it every day for at least the 1st 6 months. I, like you, got “used” to it (although could have done without it). It started to lift & gave me hope that I might one day be free of it.

About 4 - 5 weeks ago it came back along with the pressure / heavy head feeling. That I could pinpoint to over doing it so took it easy for a few days. Then the intensity of the dizziness increased to a level i’ve not experienced before & it came with nausea & my balance being all over the place. I ended up in A&E on Monday. They were going to keep me in but not a bed could be found & they had many waiting for beds. I have instead been given high dose aspirin to take & an appointment at the stroke clinic on Monday where the Stroke Nurse says they’ll probably do more tests/ scans. I’m hoping they’ll tell me I’m experiencing nothing more than you describe. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

In the meantime i’m hoping someone can get me a new head (Wurzel Gummidge esque). :rofl::rofl:

Thank you again.

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Thank you @Des_murphy

Lovely positive post, I hope your journey continues to improve and going back to work goes well for you

Thank you @Sharon_B hope your day going well x

Thank you @Mahoney i’m hoping my recent set back doesn’t delay my return to work. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: the dizziness is improving slowly so hoping i’ll get my mojo back soon :grin:

Best wishes.

Ann xxx


I hope that the stroke clinic is useful. I also ended up in A&E at about a year after the stroke and they still can’t find out why. My dizziness had gone and came back horribly but it is wearing off again now - I hope yours does too.

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@FionaB1 I really feel for you. If you felt like I do it must have been debilitating for you. Can I ask how long it took to start wearing off again?