12 months on

Today marks 12 months since I had my stroke.  It was very scary at the time and was a huge upheaval of my life but here I am, one year on, and doing many/most of the things I could do before.  Not easy, and slower than I liked sometimes, but here I am still smiling  

Well done you! Only a survivor can recognise not only the fear, but also the achievement. Stroke certainly slows us dow, but the important thing is that it doesn't stop us. I hope you continue progressing and achieving more and more as time goes on.

Well done for all your achievements.  

Stroke is the most horrible, scary thing, and it's so awful that this doesn't have recognition.  However, before my husband's stroke, I knew virtually nothing about stroke and it's effects, so we need more education - funnily enough, within the medical profession to start with !

Enjoy your day, and keep finding reasons for smiling  xxxx  

Well done! Slow and steady! ?

Glad you're still smiling!