12 month review

went to see my doctors today to review all my med its 12 months on the 4th april everything is ok feel great  get tired sometimes but just rest but it might sound daft but am allways scred i will have another one. i have an irreguar heart beat that is what caursed my stoke doctor said i wont have any more am on thin blooding tablets i try and not worry about it and get on with my life does anyone else feel like this


You are not alone in thinking like this, I had a near fatal stroke 7 years ago, it was found that I have anti phospholipid antibodies in my blood inherited from my father, we joke that it was the last thing he gave me before he sadly died, it is basically a form of sticky blood prone to clotting and whilst on blood thinning meds I often wonder if they are working as they should be, I actually cut my finger by accident a while ago and spent ages looking at the small amount of blood trying to determine if it looked a good consistancy, I think if you think about it too much you can get paranoid, so I like you tend to put it to the back of my mind and try to enjoy this second chance at life I have been given

stay well



while I can’t say I feel as you do, I can say that the first year after a stroke is the most demanding - you’re trying to come to terms with the dramatic changes in your life and the dramatic changes to you. I had severe depression after my stroke during that first year. It was only through a combination of medication, counselling and exercise that I made it through at all.

I am eight and a half- years post-Stroke now, I work full time and can manage my anxiety well, barring the odd blip from time to time.

As time goes by, many Stroke deficits fade- not completely, but lessen enormously.

Stay focussed upon what you have in your life and can still achieve, and you’ll come to realise that you are one of the lucky ones.

In the meantime, do ask your doctor about medications - the stroke can throw your brain out of balance and medication can help bring it back into line - counselling and whether exercise on prescription is an option for you. A three pronged attack along these lines can make a world of difference.

Good luck and take care of yourself,