1 year on

Good evening all I hope you’ve all had a good Easter, so I’m 1 year post stroke the past couple of days my head has felt like it’s got an elastic band around it which I had when I originally came home from the hospital I’ve felt so tired Aswell, I had the weekend off work so I don’t know if I just felt really tired because I wasn’t at work if that makes sense. Over the weekend as well my anxiety has gone through the roof I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but I have it in my head I’m going to die in my sleep, does that ever go away, I’ve been fine about it for a good few months but the last few days it’s been dreadful. Xx

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Yes the feeling of a band does come and go, experienced it when came round in hospital and now and again,put it down to somehow over doing things.For first few months suffered panic attacks and anxiety but over time got less and less. Bizarrely the fear of death doesn’t bother me now. For me and others who post here they feel a weight has been removed and they have accepted their situation and moved on. Hope this helps but it’s my experience. Don’t want to sound flippant but often remember that Bob Marley song “ Don’t worry about a thing, because. every little things gonna be ok”And I believe that. Stay Positive :kissing_heart:

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Hello, thankyou for your reply, luckily I wasn’t massively physically affected after my stroke so I was able to go to work quite soon which was my choice I’m now back working around 40 hours I just think I forget sometimes what I’ve been through so when I’m tired I just panic xx

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Hello, I do keep thinking about the counselling as I think it maybe good for me to this day I still don’t like talking about my stroke I just find it really hard and emotional

Thankyou very much, I’ve never suffered with anxiety until it happened the first few months were the worse then it eased then since I’ve not felt great over the weekend it’s crept back up again

@Katielou1884 sorry to hear you’re struggling at the moment. The 1st anniversary is always more difficult than you think.

Being fatigued can bring on symptoms like you experienced when you had your stroke. I know it does me. Perhaps you need to take a few days off just to rest.

Counselling may be useful for your anxiety but I know it doesn’t suit everyone.

Wishing you all the best.

Ann x

Hi KatieLou,

I also dont like talking about it,as when i do i get emotional.
But find its getting easier, the thing i dislike is when people say or your ok now thats good,when youve not even opened your mouth.

Hope you feel better soon


me too.
the trauma of a stroke is strong
night time is scary for me too
get yourself a nice teddy bear
good luck, Roland

Thankyou for all your replies I think I’m going to try counselling it may not help but it’s worth a try x

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I hope it works for you. Nothing ventured nothing gained as they say. Good luck x

is the quiz ontoday as i missed last weeks

Sorry @tricia3 been at work so only just seen your message. I don’t think there was a quiz today. You can find the timetable at this link.

Hope you are getting on ok x

thanks, i have arthritus in leg, get very tired, had bone scan, had blood test have anual revue next week. does artthritus make you tired. you must be doing well to go to work

There could be many reasons you’re getting tired. I don’t know whether arthritis does or not but being in pain in general can. Sounds like they are doing all the tests you need.

Work is really difficult & exhausting but i still have many years till i reach retirement and have bills to pay so for now I have to persevere. Im sure it’ll get easier in time…and of course i just nap after work :sleeping::sleeping:

Take care


thanks do have pressure in head still waiting for leg scan result went to health shop sugested boran, so ordered it and seliniem for chorestral, pharmasist said its 5, 5

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