1 Year On the journey continues/Still no sensitivity down one side

So today is the 1 year “anniversary” of me having a stroke. A very strange day in which I replay in my mind all the events including the time it happened up to and including being admitted to hospital.
It’s true that I have come a long way from where I was - being fed through a tube and not being able to stand up let alone walk and I always look forward. I’m now back at work albeit 2 days in the office and 3 at home. I’m not as active as I was, I took the decision to cut down on my commitments and look after myself, I keep active by walking and gardening. I even managed a week away in Crete which to me was an achievement.
However, I have recently experienced the return of fatigue which is my reality check telling me not to rush things and to take rest when needed. Added to this, I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My consultant’s appointment in August was cancelled and there is no new date planned.

The most frustrating part of all is the lack of sensitivity down my right side. The spraying of deodorant, sun cream, taking a shower, even the feeling of rain hitting my skin is so sore. Has anyone experienced this?

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Hi Stuart - I hit my 6 month milestone tomorrow. Regarding the sensitivity point you mention, I have exactly the same on my left side. Wearing clothes / can be painful. For me it feels like nails being thrown at the part of the body that’s sensitised. No change/improvement in 6 months.
Realise this doesn’t help in the least, but thank you, nice to know I’m not alone.


Hi Guys, You both sound like you’re progressing well. @Stuart1972 you’re doing great to be workin 5 days. I am managing 4 but it’s a struggle with the fatigue. Not sure I can do 5 but hope to find ways to manage the fatigue better. My company have engaged with a specialist firm to work with me to try and help.

With regards to sensitivity, I still have a fair bit of loss of sensation down my affected left side. No feeling in my fingertips. I don’t get the pains you do though but a strange and unpleasant sensation if I come into contact with a hot surface. It is enough to warn me but slightly delayed so may smell the burning first :rofl:.

I haven’t given up hope of getting a bit more use back so neither should you two.

Keep up the positive attitude and good luck.


My left hand still lacks sensitivity after six years, but, for some reason, it feels pain more acutely. Good you have got back to work. Just keep trying and remember that improvement after stroke can be slow.


@Stuart1972 good to hear youre making great progress following your stroke. The first anniversary must be a strange feeling but you’re here to tell the tale so that has to be good. You’ve done really well getting back to work 5 days a week. Fatigue likes to creep up & surprise us i think. Just when you think you’ve got it cracked there it is again. I don’t have lack of sensitivity instead i find i am more sensitive. Weird how the brain works.

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You have done well to get back to work keep going with kind regards des

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