Your latest triumphs - wins and successes

Hi Ann , Recently bought Samsung tablet from John Lewis, partly to help me , speak to text. They kindly agreed, to refund 20% vat , due to this. Might be worth knowing . Good speaking David.

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@ZX1 thank you for your kind comments. The picture doesn’t look do good close up :rofl::rofl: but still pleased with it.
I decided to use my affected hand to help get the dexterity in my fingers back. It took a bit of perseverance but it did get easier as time went on. The eraser I have was really helpful too as I could rub it out when it went a bit wild :grin: Maybe it helped that I was a little ambidextrous before my stroke. I only manage 15 mins or so at a time but do enjoy it.


@Loshy thank you. You’re very kind.
Good luck for tomorrow. That good night’s sleep you’ve been craving is hopefully not far away. Hope it all goes well & you’ll soon be back using your hand again…and most importantly pain free (in that hand at least :blush:).

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can’t find the gardening thread so will post my picture here - rather proud to have repotted some of my cacti using polystyrene packaging. The combination of their prickles and my lack of hand/eye coordination made it a bit tricky but I managed it


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@FionaB1 that looks amazing. Hope you didn’t prickle yourself too much. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

[quote] @Colliwobble ive never been a motorcycle fan but well done on your outing. Maybe you’ll be able to do the 4-500 mile outing again soon. x[/quote].
Thanks. It’s not for everyone I suppose, but I’ve been at it for about 45years. You never know, I might get to like it :laughing:

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That looks brilliant @Loshy real concentration to get all that detail.

Top job i reckon


Awesome Anne very impressed indeed.

Andy x

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