Xmas over

Another year gone thank god my late wife passed Boxing Day 7 years ago so don’t do Xmas anymore as brings back memories of sitting by her bed from day before Xmas eve hoping she would wake up, but cancer in brain just shut everything down but I did pray so that’s why I don’t do Xmas anymore, then year later 3 strokes and bleed on brain in sane bloody hospital then transferred to one in Oxford can’t remember name then back to Bedford for 8 weeks god I wish I had gone but I’m left right side weakness had to relearn writing talking but half my memory from past has gone comes back in flashbacks that’s why I hate xmas


I can see why you hate Christmas, Mickyboy. I wish I could come up with words that will bring you some comfort and peace, but I can’t. The only thing I can think of is to pray for you that the Lord will bring you some comfort and peace. I will be praying for you tonight when I turn in. Bless you–Jeanne


I can understand why you dislike Christmas @Mickyboy it’s been tough for you in the past & will never be the same without your wife.

Sending uou my very best wishes.



Thanks for understanding

Thanks happy new year


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