Worse first thing in the morning

Why is it that I always feel worse for the first two hours after I get up. This morning I had terrible giddy turns and after breakfast and moving around I started to feel a bit better. I wonder if anybody else has the same. Norma.

Hi Norma Jean. When I came back home after my stroke, I found I had to be careful getting up from bed. If I got up too soon, I was quite wobbly and my weak knee tended to give way. Getting up too quickly can cause dizziness for anyone but is probably felt more if the body has weakness.

I now wake half an hour before getting up, move my limbs a little, especially my feet and ankles. Ten minutes before getting up I drink water to hydrate myself. Then,after five minutes, I stand. I remain standing for about a minute before taking my first step. I'm then pretty okay, but take washing, shaving and dressing quite slowly.

I hope that helps, but all our bodies are different.

Thanks John for replying I do sit on the side of the bed for about five minutes and like ou stand still before I set off. I am ok until I start turning my head that always makes me feel odd but this morning I was very giddy for about an hour it was not nice at all. Thanks again for your reply and all the best. Norma.

Hello Norma, I always feel worse in the morning. I need at least a few hours to wake properly otherwise my brain is still foggy and can't deal with moving around or too much stimulus. I wake up, make a coffee, sit in bed, listen to the radio, check emails, check things I need to do for the day, take meds, have a banana and apple, do admin stuff for my partner's business, do my eye exercises, do a little Thai chi and stretching beside the bed, have a rest and then I am good to go around 1 pm.  But not always!

I don't know why I feel worse in the morning, I have never been a morning person, and I tend to feel groggy. I was like that before my stroke, my brain needs to get into gear otherwise it struggles to cope with what it needs to do.

Conversely, I am pretty active until midnight. So, my days are just the other way round from others who retire early to bed and wake up early. 


Hi Norma,  similar with me , 2 years on . Looking up or down = giddy. Side to side,  almost feel or hear ? a crick inside my head , rather disconcerting . Speaking to someone,  need to be in front of me . Good talking David. 

Hello David, up and down, I get giddy, side to side I get these cricks and clicks but in my neck when I am supine. Sometimes, the giddiness comes in a whoosh either looking down and up or to one side and back, it doesn't off-balance me but it can make me woozy and giddy afterwards for some time. At worse, it brings me out in a sweat and makes me light-headed, I have to rest with my eyes shut, otherwise, can't function when I am feeling that way. Hope you are well enough, rainy here.