Yesterday evening for the first time since the stroke that hospitalised me I had a sudden loss of central vision then migraine aura at the periphery.

I used to have similar pre-stroke.
When I finally had an MRI it showed multiple previous ‘silent’ neurological events that were unrecognised despite my going to the GP about “Not feeling right” several times.

I guess it’s time to talk to the GP…


Good luck Simon,

Doesn’t sound like fun, but when I feel something untoward in terms of headache, I imagine a repair process, and that can be a slightly rough ride. So, for the moment, it can do no harm to imagine / visualize such a process; in time you will know more. Maybe it was a long day for you?

Anyway, I hope it all goes well, and that it was just a one-off minor glitch.
Ciao, Roland


Completed an e- consult few hours ago, got a ring from a pool GP and then half an hour later she confirmed an appointment on Monday with a stroke team at the Royal Infirmary.

That was surprisingly speedy!

Well see you what they say - true to form it will be “don’t know take aspirin” - but I’ll try and chivvy for more investigation.

I’m the mean time I can accelerate the aspirin…


Good luck Simon. At least you’ve got a quick appointment


Good to hear you got a prompt appointment, and have the opportunity to investigate your recent migraine aura.


Hope you get some answers at your appointment Simon. When I had an appointment in similar circumstances they did an MRI whilst I was there. You should push for that at least i’d suggest even if you have to go back another day for it.

Good luck.


Yes I will be keen to see if the Spacey feelings ive had over the last year were also events that left a mark. Don’t know why the visual drop out is more concerning than the other feelings I had clearly were not normal :frowning:

I suspect all I’ll get is a ‘conclusion’ that there is no conclusion :frowning:

We’ll see

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Was the vision issue temporary? I too wpuld be more worried about that than the spacey feelings. Hopefully you’ll get some answers on Monday.


Yes in that the loss of central vision returned in 20m ‘as normal’ before my significant stroke

I also get bright white ‘spiders webs’ in my field of vision there are not ocular but cerebral. No one in the medical professions I have spoken to has been other than totally dismissive. These are constant at the start and ends of day but worse (more prevalent) at the moment

Some answers will be welcome - but I’m not expecting them

I’ll let you know


Good luck on Monday Simon, I hope you can get some answers, at least push for an MRI if only to rule in/out anything going on with the brain. :crossed_fingers: :people_hugging:

How’s your BP at the mo ?


When my fatigue is bad i get blurry vision & double vision gets worse along with duzzy / spacey feelings etc. Could you perhaps be over doing it?

Good luck for your appointment tomorrow.


In the 155/85 range all the time despite a meds review and swap for candesartan to lisinopril.

We’ll see tomorrow

@Mrs5K - it’s possible but that doesn’t account for the visual drop-out


@EmeraldEyes thnx :slight_smile:

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I went to the clinic y’day (said TIA on the door!)
I saw a stroke registrar who thinks given my BP & previous MRIs that the events are continuations of the damage that high BP does to micro-vessels.
it damages the vessels epithelium of the internal surface making blockage more prevalent -

Apparently the previous scans showed "infarcts throughout my brain inc basal ganglia & shadows that may be previous bleeds" - she's going to send the wording of the report to me as on-screen was a challenge with all the jargon.

“Basl ganglia… motor control, motor learning, executive functions, emotional behaviours… plays an important role in reward and reinforcement, addictive behaviours and habit formation.”

She could only speculate about the visual artefacts I get. Not sure how to progress with them. Back to GP & optician?

On BP, at this stage - it’s back to GP for more control w/ target to get below 130/80 without too much postural dizziness or liver/kidney distress. The registrar (Sarah?) asked about 24 hour blood pressure (sic) monitoring - I haven’t heard of that before.

Reading between the lines says risk of another stroke is still elevated Vs what it could be and that the much of the info and implications/ findings/ conclusions of previous investigations (which were only because I enrolled in research) where never communicated or available to me.

That’s as much as I learnt yesterday.



I have had the 24hr BP monitoring.
It’s like a normal blood pressure device that inflates every few mins, records and stores the readings.

Obviously a much truer reflection of what your BP is rather than a point in time.

I suspect I had a faulty machine as getting to the end of the review, my arm was seriously hurting. On some occasions, all my veins seemed visible and yet it still kept squeezing. I didn’t manage the full review, dropped it back to the hospital. The data was enough for the review.

Hope you have more luck. Takes a little bit of effort getting to sleep with it on.


I was looking at

Aware of it for a while haven’t bought one yet


So a few answers but not everything you wanted I suspect. Your GP should be able to sort a 24 hr BP monitor. They’re quite common so should be easy to sort…she says knowing nothing is easy these days. I was given a 130/80 BP target when i had my stroke.

It may be worth an optician visit re your loss of sight. Nothing to lose on that front.


Yeah Ann

I did another eConsult summarising the registrar & sent to our conglomerate surgery & who ever is on "triage the emails” arranged an appt next Monday so stuffs moving.

Your right

And some “conclusion I’d rather not have had but I’d rather know in the facts…”

Been around the optician and GP loop for 2 years so I’m not sure how to break that one I think I need a optician

I’ll try on Monday to get a clear direction of travel…


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Hello Simon,
Hopefully after all your consultations it will all be down to the body trying to recoup. and sadly ye ol’ wear and tear. I too was told to keep an eye on my BP. :grinning:


Glad you’ve got an appointment & hopefully they can unravel a bit more for you. I think it’s definitely better to know whats going on even if it isn’t what you want to hear.

If it was me I think i’d start with ootician on the vision front. Or a double pronged attack with GP too.