Working again

Hi Mark that’s a massive achievement :clap: Well done :clap: Take it easy and I hope it goes well for you.

When you have settled in, let us know how it’s going, look forward to hearing from you :grinning:

Regards Sue

Really Well done mate :+1::+1:

Thanks Christhanks Chris

Just an idle question… What was the contract for?

How did it go and are you still pursuing contract work?

Caio :slight_smile:

Hi Simon
The contract was a three day engagement providing information security and data protection subject matter expertise to an international company.



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Cool :slight_smile:
are you CISA/CISM/CRISC or something?

With 30 years experience in DPA and cyber security

I’m CGEIT (& others) and parallels - started on shift with mainframe ops in '79

Nostalgia :slight_smile:

Very true and for me the stress that triggered the stroke in2021