What's your weather today?

It snowed again overnight .

It’s the 1st of December - I hope this is like summer, it arrives for 3 days in May and then isn’t seen again!

I think the cold makes me slow down from what is already approaching glacial

Give us a picture out of a window of yours


It’s dull, with extra dull on top.


No snow here in Grimsby but very cold with a heavy overnight frost,starting to rain now so might well turn to snow later ,time to light the log burner and I’m sitting here shivering ,keep warm everyone.


It is 29 degrees F 1.6 C. Chilly and making my spasticity act up. Partly sunny this morning with rain this afternoon.
New Jersey, USA. I wanted to take a walk this afternoon with my wife but have not walked with an umbrella before. We’ll see how it goes.
Love the kitties Simon.
On our walks with Toby, our dog, we often see many deer, wild turkey, chipmunks, squirrels, owls, and even the occasional Black Bear.
We lose power so much out here in the country, we’ve decided to get a whole house generator. So many trees with falling branches in the wind interfere with the power lines.
Our area looks a wee bit like Scotland.


If you give us a zip code we can ask Google earth to give us a satellite view

You can plug this postcode into Google earth or maps as well EH22 1QY

Here are a couple of pics within a ten mile radius: More…later the last one is a painting I did of a house down the road.



It was about -6 and a sharp frost here this morning. At 15:30 the frost still hasn’t lifted but has been lovely & sunny.


Has not gone light all day!


Do you live in Northern Scandinavia?

Here in Edinburgh there was a brief glimmer of daylight but it’s mostly gone now (at 4pm)


And welcome to the forum by the way although I know you made your first contribution ‘over the page’

I’ll echo bobby’s comment about please feel comfortable, and if you read around and use the magnifying glass above to search for topics of interest you’ll probably find answers to most of your questions - but we don’t currently know if you’re a month or a year or a decade past your stroke

Whichever it is I hope you’ll find this a useful and comforting site to spend time on


Your pictures are beautiful. I just love looking at them.

Please take care and have a great weekend.

By the way, are you in South Jersey? I live in Central Pennsylvania.

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Do you live near a forest?

How many cats do you have?

Edinburgh is a beautiful city.

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Our son is a Toby too :joy:

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@BakersBunny Great Name:
@Matthew1798 Matthew, I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures: Northwest NJ.
@SimonInEdinburgh You wanted my Zip code? Hope you liked my pictures.

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Just out of interest, did you have a look at solar panels and a battery ?

Too much of a hassle. The whole-house is the way most of my neighbors are going and they love it. Propane and you don’t even know it is starting and running. Automatic Nigel.

MEMPHIS Tennessee Shelby County it is Raining and cold

Hardwick township?

Loved the pics
Amazing if last one is a painting!


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@SimonInEdinburgh Thanks Simon, Warren County. Yes I painted the last one.

Very detailed & evocative

Why did you include the telegraph wires?
Did you consider leaving them out?

& you made it to “member” :slight_smile:

Hope you’re having a good day

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Hi Simon, the new realism for many artists now is to leave in the wires and also cars and things we see every day. “We paints em’ as we sees em”. :wink:
To be honest…a bad day…cold and wet here and my body says “have a lie doon”.
How did I make it to member ?: WoW!