What's in a name

It has come to my attention that there has been some censorship regarding the name, Dick, the abbreviation of Richard!

I wonder how many prospective members haven’t be allowed to join because of their name :thinking:
Are we not allowed to mention Dick Emery, Dick van Dyke, Dick and Dom, Dick Turpin, Dick Whittington, Phillip K Dick or spotted dick to name a few without censorship?

Surely it should be up to us, the forum members,
to say what is or isn’t acceptable, after all it is us that use the forum on a day to day basis.

Come on admin, get real and treat us like adults and not children


There’s an author I used to read in my youth
Please tell Simon to focus on all the good things he feels !!

ciao, Roland


Well said @BakersBunny. Censorship gone too far! @DeAnn had to join MR to D… when she messaged me to the other day about NFL (as his commonly known name would have sounded weird as Richard).

Why don’t the admins wait until they get warning flags from upset users if abused of language is happening? Having said that, we do need some controls (eh @KGB :rofl:).


So you’re saying that allowance for his brain injury and the tourettes that he suffers should be stamped on without due care and attention for his rights?

I think it’s ridiculous when you watch TV with language that is the norm in society and then you have censorship here. I tried to have a conversation about it and cited some research sources that the Guardian had collated and my post was removed as “off topic” - wow I was about washing cars or liking polar bears were not deemed off topic. Partisan?
There is no right of appeal, no opportunity for dialogue, no voice of the community…


It was tongue in cheek about Kieran, but your comments are correct as far as I’m concerned.


I know :slight_smile:

Still raised a relevant point.
Why is sh it filtered but excrement and defecate are not?
What about "really bad day” vs **** day?
I could illustrate with other comparisons :slight_smile:

I might refer you to the forum rules but when you use the link you get

Hey ho


I still read Phillip K Dick. :grin:


Years ago an “aquantance” at the pub (you know the type) thought that it would be absolutely hillarious to refer to me as Dick or Dicky.

Little did he know that my bampy (grandad) was called Dick and I had always wished that people had called me Dick.

Rich (Dick) C.


I think they believe we are all too mentally incapacitated to be given such “grown up” responsibilities and they’re protecting us from ourselves like children. That’s what I find insulting

But then, are we enough of a reliable resource to bestow such responsibility on us? Yes we are, if there are enough of us onboard to cover for each other when ones of us is incapacitated.

Anyway, they’re not going to take any notice of this post or us. So I’m not going to waste my time or drain my brain power on them, I’m going back to posts that matter.


If someone posted something that wasn’t about Dick Emery but something else, it is going to be difficult to set up any keyword filter that allows a harmless post from something else entirely.

On that basis, let the users report the forum entries themselves and don’t try to police it with key words.
Language changes over time. I suspect merchant banker was once much more offensive/aggressive than it is now.

If someone was to post on here that Nigel Farage was a banker, that is obviously totally true as he worked for Crédit Lyonnais.