What's happened to @chlodog?

His ID, and distressingly his wonderful posts have all disappeared

Does anybody have any insight? @CommunityAdmin ?

I think discourse never deletes only hides things so hopefully this is just a glitch and his glorious contributions can be restored.

Even if he has gone his posts can be restored as anonymized? (I feel sure he would give permission - He has such a positive outlook) - I for one find (found?) them very valuable


Does anyone have alternate contact details for him


I’m only guessing but the fact that his profile has gone woukd suggest that he has decided to leave. If that’s the case I believe profiles can only be deleted if the posts are deleted too.

I would advise if anyone has any contact details for him that they are not passed on to anyone without his express permission.

Hopefully he is ok & has just decided he no longer wishes to be part of the forum.


Just a note to clarify.
I didn’t ask for details to be given to me
My intention is to ask for mine to be passed on.

Last time I spoke to him on zoom he said he would come to some of the Thursday get togethers so hopefully that is still his intent for some future Thursday


That’s not a problem, it wasn’t clear, so I was just advising as didn’t want anyone to get into bother if he doesn’t want to be contacted.

Hopefully he’ll join one of your thursday zooms


Indeed @Mrs5K is right – if someone’s profile isn’t visible anymore, it means they’ve chosen to leave the forum. And yes, when a profile/account is deleted, their posts go with it. It’s part of how our forum works to respect the privacy and choices of our members.

I also agree with @Mrs5K guidance about contact details, It’s really important that we respect everyone’s privacy. If anyone has personal contact info, it should only be shared with their direct permission. That’s a good rule for everyone to follow, not just in this case but always.

Let’s hope they are doing well and has simply decided to move on from the forum. It’s always a personal choice to be part of a community like this, and we respect the decisions of our members, whatever they may be.


@CommunityAdmin there seems to be no way to talk to you other than in public…

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Hi Simon,

To ensure we can discuss your concerns more effectively, you are welcome to email us at mystrokeguide@stroke.org.uk. This way, we can give your issue the attention it deserves away from the public forum.

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And that will be appropriate for that some things but not others

I’m due to give CP a reply to her last email to me- I’ll try and and make a case in that correspondence


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