What 3 years?

Hi, not very good at posting, think ipost in wrong place or reply to wrong person, anyways, three years today since my first stroke, yes there were two of them, blocked cartroid artary blinded in left half of each eye, and burst anyrysm, year one anniversary I went for a run, yeah this thing hasn’t stopped me I thought. Year 2 bit scared to do the running case something else bursts or tears. Year 3 not sure how I feel to be honest quite reflective and emotional I suppose. How to move forward how to spend the day? Happy or sad? X


Good question, Elle
we think, therefore we are
spend the day making even the slightest measure of improvement on yesterday
good luck, R


I don’t know what age you are but there’s always the over 50s walking groups or the local Ramblers society or just look up over 50s groups in your area. That’s what you need to be doing. You’ve given up running but you can still walk. And the beauty about walking with a group is that you aren’t alone should the unthinkable happen. The walking groups usually have routes for all abilities too, ranging from easy, medium to hard but I’ve managed even the hardest.

Age UK is another site to look up. They have all sorts of activity/social groups in local areas. These things get you out of your house and meeting new people, making new friends which takes you off doing other things with them too. Being an introvert myself, I say if I can do it anyone can!


@Elle1 well done on getting to 3 years. Sounds like you’re doing well. I think you should be happy. Nothing wrong with being reflective - remind yourself how far you’ve come. I bet you’d be surprised about the bits you’ve forgotten about.

Don’t let fear stop you doing the things you enjoy.

Here’s to a happy next year filled with many good things.

Best wishes




Mahoney just used a word that I like.

Stroke can be all sorts of things with negative associations:

trauma, fear, limitation, pain, isolation and so much more.

. . . but never mind those words, the word Mahoney used was Fun.

why not celebrate your triumph at reaching this point by doing something fun?

I can’t tell you what.

Each of us has their own idea of what fun is.

Whatever floats your boat, this is an excuse to indulge.

Go for it!

Keep on keepin’ on
:flags: :partying_face: :+1:

She (Mahoney) used another word too, Happy.
You can allow yourself to be happy.
I’m sure no-one would deny you that. :smile:


Happy and fun, yes can do that some days, count my lucky stars Happy I can read a bit and even have been known to chuckle on occasion.
Yes Bobbi and gang let’s try and keep our peckers up and work at it. Paul


I hope keeping one’s pecker up means something different in the king’s English than it does in States English or I am going to have a hard time keeping up! But I did have a fun little chuckle.