5 years now having 3 strokes and copd don’t know which is worse, right side weakness plus had polio when young aged 4 surgery managed to move muscle in leg so it was straight but thinner than left leg, and weake, so even harder to stand on without holding something, and trying to get dressed after showier harder as trying to get breath back, putting socks on would make you laugh but at least I can now sit in sunshine and get warm with my mad kitten tearing up and down garden, no body in household can stroke her only me, as from 8 weeks old all she has known is me, and my daughter only because she feeds her, keep going all mick


@Mickyboy thanks for sharing. Your experience puts mine in the shade. Nice to meet you. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:. @IanM. Hopefully meet again soon. Give the cat a “schrich” from me but don’t tell our small datschund. If you know how to spell that properly let me know :upside_down_face:. King regards. @IanM

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@Mickyboy good to hear from you. It’s definitely nice to be warmer…lifts the mood somewhat.

You’ve definitely had your share of troubles but you’re still hear to tell the tale.

Putting socks on is a hilarious job in my house too :grin:

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Thanks all I’m thinking will my cat be ok if I’m taken ill and hospitalised as might happen if I get pneumonia or something else, as she’s all I’ve known since 8 weeks old, and constantly meowing when I leave sitting room, she does follow me into kitchen but comes back when I go back to sitting room, we have a cockerpoo as well and he barks whenever he she’s her through gate, and her back goes up he’s all noise but scared in case she claws him mick


Makes a difference when you can get some sun on your self doesn’t it :slight_smile: