Want to see what's going on inside your stroke brain

It was the first post I seen this morning and I didn’t mean to offend my apologies for that!!!

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@Loshy Ooh, I’m not sure. I’ll have a look.

Either way welcome to the forum @Thewhiteark - feel free to tag me in anything if you have a question or concern. I work for the Stroke Association and help out with moderation here on the forum.

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Hi @Thewhiteark just want to welcome you to the forum. You sound lost in yourself, I hope we can help you find the new you post-stroke v2. And we fellow stroke survivors will be happy to help or to just bend an ear with.
It does leave you feeling useless after a stroke but there is a way push through, all is not lost, so keep coming back. Good luck in your recovery :smile:


Hi EmeraldEyes and apologies I’ve just seen this I’m not on here much but when I remember or an email I pop in​:+1: I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough recently so hopefully I’m on the way to a much better life and way of thinking so thanks for your reply :blush::pray:

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Hi @Thewhiteark no need to apologies, we have all been there and know what you have gone and are currently going through. And it’s good to here you are seeing some breakthrough, they do come in fits and starts. It’s slow progress but it eventually gets you to a better place, so keep up the good fight :smile: Some improvements can sneak in so gradually you know even notice…until someone on might jog the memory of what it was like in the beginning…the brain is full of little surprises like that :smile: