Walk the walk, talk the talk

I just had another ebay delivery, this time some shoes, been needing something that fits for a while.
There will be nothing to stop me now. . .
. . . but yes there will, after struggling to try on the shoes I just woke up to the fact I’m getting tired.

It’s definitely time to bring adventures to a close and instead let batteries, on slow trickle, recharge.

As ever, keep on keepin’ on
(but don’t forget to take breaks)



Morning Bob @Bobbi. Who knew putting shoes on would be so tiring but it still gets the better of me too sometimes. Hope your stick purchase helps grant some new skills and activity :walking_man:, Julia x

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You now have the proper kit. I wonder if they make scabbards for canes, that might be quite useful but, more importantly, Viking and pirate like. Sounds like you are making steady progress :grin:

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@JuliaH and @Rups

thanks muchly to you both for your encouragemnent. I will keep posting progress reports periodically.

As for scabbards I’ll keep a weather eye pealed, but I can’t stay here chattering.
I have timbers to shiver and learning how to correctly inflect an Aye and an Arrgh, is keeping me busy.


Well 5 stars for your positivity top man this group needs you

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Thank you, Icecream, for your words of encouragement. I will take them and keep them with the 5 stars. They will give me a boost when things don’t look or feel so rosey.
Yes, I too have my moments, it comes with the territory. That is also where this forum will always listen, with a kind word and perhaps a useful tip, just when it is needed.

That walking stick I bought ended up with a wobbly handle, but as my physio had supplied a more sturdy version it was a case of all’s well that ends well. I’m getting more used to gadding about with the stick, it requires much less effort than the wheelchair or rollator.
However that rollator still has its uses as a perch and also as transport when I want to carry items, like a hot brew, for example.
Well it is silly o’clock in the night and suddenly the idea of a cuppa sounds attractive. I’ll sign off here and go boil the kettle and after all that, back to bed, I think.
Stay on top and . . .
keep on keepin’ on
:smiley: :+1:


Just continuing this record of my progress.
A year since I last posted here.
04/11/2023 Saturday lunch time ish.

I’ve had my ups and downs, still only been outside a couple of times, but I walk around the house, stand in the kitchen and get up and down stairs.
Sometimes feel tired and sore, but extremely pleased with my progress and optimistic about my future.

Thank you to those on this forum who have read my posts and given words of encouragement, which are very much appreciated.

If you are new around here and don’t know what is ahead, (and who does with any certainty?) don’t give up, it is worth the effort. Be kind to yourself and those around you, they want you to progress.

Until next time I post here, I wish you all the best, whether you are the carer or the one cared for.

. . . and I leave you with this thought – I can wiggle my fingers a bit now!

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smiley: :+1:


Good to hear of your progress @Bobbi hopefully this time next year you’ll have ventured outside many more times.

In the meantime happy finger wiggling :grin::grin: xx



I have moved along a little, it seems very little to be honest. I don’t recall, but if I really try I do remember when nothing at all would move and any chance of improvement seemed far distant, it just felt too difficult to even know how to try.

Nice fish, I too was a joiner and would turn my hand to anything, now I must be thankful for any small success. Build on those good vibrations.

Keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smiley: :+1:


The wheel chair I sit in has to be pushed by an assistant.

I’ve been getting a little use back in my right hand and arm and I’m wondering about a wheelchair I can propel myself., not sure if I would use it but it might be further exercise for my right upper side.

I already have a rollator, a walking stick and can walk unaided for short distances but getting about outside is at the limits of my comfort zone.

I must man up and make an effort. I got this far, can’t give up now.

Not seen physio or OT for a very long time. I think I could progress a little further.


I don’t have suggestions for a wheelchair but it sounds like a good idea @Bobbi sbuthing that gives a little more independence & could also help with rehab has to be worth a try…assuming you’ve got one of them there money trees of course :grin:

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I think that’s a brilliant idea Bobby, certainly if it gets you out and about a lot more. So well worth you looking into that. :smile:

Bear in mind though, propelling yourself around requires a certain amount of upper body strength. So to begin with you’d need to keep your runs short 'til you build that up or else your wife would be the one pushing you home again when you tire. :wink:

Alternatively, you get a motorised one you can get out of an walk while pushing it along, then get back in when you tire and use the motor. Where there’s a will there’s a way and you’ll know until you ask :smile:

Ask a GP, physiotherapist or hospital staff to refer you to your local wheelchair service for an assessment. You’ll need to do this before you can get an NHS wheelchair. The local wheelchair service will decide if you need a wheelchair and, if so, what type. You might be able to get a voucher.

Walking aids, wheelchairs and mobility scooters - NHS

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