Very tired

My mum had her stroke back in June 2018, she seems to have been okay and coping fine, recently we have had to consult with the GP to help with her moods as she has been feeling very down but just recently I am feeling a bit concerned about her sleeping, I am unsure as to what to do, I ask her often if she is sleeping well and I'm told yes but I dont feel thats the case and am thinking of taking her back to the GP to ask if they can offer her something. She is waking up quite later than she usually does or has done in past even after the stroke. It can be a bit tricky to go about day to day activitives and chores, my partner is due to start work soon so I won't be having he's help all that much. I dont know what to do, if to take her word for it and leave her to it or consult the GP? Also she is having mysterious falls which is worrying. 

Hello Jo Cook 1983,

There are a few things to focus on here:


1. Sleeping - Almost all stroke survivors suffer from post-stroke fatigue, a sometimes debilitating feeling of tiredness after even moderate activities. If her sleep is irregular or short, she'll naturally be tired from that. If, on the other hand, she is sleeping fairly well, then her tiredness may just be the post-stroke fatigue. There's no magic solution to post-stroke fatigue, other than trying to stay active as much as possible, getting into a good routine around going to bed, waking up  and resisting sleeping during the day, if she can.

2. The mysterious falls - this should absolutely be raised with her GP. She may be having further strokes or seizures even. Even if Mum had not had a stroke, this should be a reason to talk with a Doctor.

3. Feeling very down - this can be common after a stroke, caused by changes in thinking patterns as a result of the stroke, together with grieving for any deficits caused by the Stroke, plus the stress of having gone through a life-threatening ordeal.

Finally, the usual caveats: none of us on MyStroke Guide are medical experts or professionals: most of us are stroke survivors, carers or family members. I'm a Stroke Survivor, nine years forward after my massive stroke. Every Stroke is different and as a result, every survivor's experience is different.

As I mention above, Mum having mysterious falls is reason enough to see a doctor. Stroke is a progressive condition - Survivors generally improve over time and don't worsen, unless there is an underlying problem.

Take care now, all of you,