Update on husband's TIA

Hi all,

I realise i haven’t posted for a while and i wanted to give an update to those that really helped me and gave such great advice after my husband had a TIA in Nov (Steevo_fife, Mrs5K, bakers Bunny, pando, Emerald Eyes, clibbers1, SimoninEdinburgh just to name a few!).

Its now been 7 months since his TIA and id say he is doing well
He’s switched to a less stressful (hopefully!) Job and recently rediscovered his love for cycling. He is just doing short, easy rides to start with.

He is drinking a lot less, although will have a glass of red on a fri, sat and sunday evening. He has cut down his vaping (no nicotine) and im trying to help hom stop vaping completely.

He had (well not he himself I guess) but a little setback, when his boss expereinced a stroke out the blue a few weeks ago. Luckily his boss is ok but it mentally knocked my husband a bit as, not only was he worried about someone he cares for, but it also made him anxious about himself and having any further events.

Luckily the driving issues seem to have subsided although he does now intentionally avoid motorway driving.

I seem to be managing with my worry about him having another “event” although i have days where i worry more than others. I think the fear will always be there to a degree. My husbands father died of a heart attack at 50 after a mini heart attack, so i hope there isnt a genetic factor at play. The consultant didn’t want to investigate this and said hes had all first degree line of tests they would do.

Something EmeraldEyes said really helepd me: when i start to worry about him having a stroke, immediately go and do something to take your mind off. Simple advice, but it has really helped me.

Thanks to all of you that have offered advice, hopefully you won’t mind the random update.

Hope you are all well

Much love xx


Glad to hear life-after is shaping up ok.

Good the stress is reduced and if action on the other factors has had a good effect on the BP (assuming it wasn’t any other underlying cause) that that should set your mind at rest too



Thx for the update, Karenemma
this is an excellent new development, should work wonders for his health !
Keep it up !!

ciao, Roland


Hi, So glad to hear that your husband is progressing well and that the forum has been helpful to both of you.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the update, it’s so good to hear of achievements and success stories.

Take care of each other.
Regards Sue


Thank you for sharing the update & really glad things are moving in tye right direction for your husband and that your worries are easing slightly too. I think there is always a little worry that remains after a life changing event but that should become a lot more manageable in time. It sounds like your husband has made some really positive life style changes which will help reduce his risk of another event too.

Best wishes



That is excellent news.
The worry does lessen, but it still lurks in dark corners.
Distraction is a useful tool in a carers repertoire😊
I’ll be running the carers cafe this Friday if you fancy dropping by
Carers Cafe



This is excellent news and what we all love hear, positive progress.
I envy your hubby his cycling, it’s something I miss but have so many other activities to keep me busy and out of harms way already :laughing: And like him, I too stay away from motorways, I leave those to my hubby :blush:

And in another 7mths from now, it will all be even easier again, so will look forward to all your good news :people_hugging: