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Hello all
I was diagnosed last Saturday 9/12 with a stroke that likely happened during an op 6 weeks ago. I am lucky that it has had only L sided weakness which is manageable around the house.
I have seen no stroke trained staff and no clinics set up next year yet. I just need advice about the type of stroke I’ve had, risks of further, recovery etc etc. Any suggestions as to how to get this without going through NHS?

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Hello Helen @HelenW1

Sorry you have had cause to join us. You’ve arrived in a good place to ask your questions :slight_smile:

We have put the common answers in Welcome - what we wish we'd heard at the start - click the blue text.

Have you been prescribed the common cocktail of a statin, a blood thinner, a BP reducer (&a stomach protector?) - that’s the normal risk strategy. It goes along side healthy diet, alcohol awareness, no smoking, hydration etc.

There’s a good bunch here who will be along to say hello throughout the day I’m sure

If you search for your challenges on here or you raise what they are those friendly and experienced folk will tell you how they’ve coped might help you too

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Hi Helen and welcome to this forum. We are a merry band of stroke survivors and their carers who are always here to offer help, advice and encouragement.

Look forward to hearing from you as your road to recovery begins.

Regards Sue


Thank you. I have to learn to wait for answers. Otherwise as I found today BP shoots up.


Yes Simon I have all of those after admission to emergency ward. I can find generalised information and as we all know every stroke is different.
I will be able to get more information slowly! Just not used to waiting.

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Any specifics?
We may be able to sign post

The community is very good at revealing relevant experience from amongst us all


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@HelenW1 Hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had cause to join us.

I guess the only way to find out what tupe of stroke you’ve had without going through the NHS is to pay to see someone privately. Maybe somewhere like tte Nuffield can help hut this might depend where you live.

You could also try speaking to your GP as they might be able to access some details.

Patience is something we all have to learn after stroke as things take much longer than we would like or hope.

Hope you find the answers you’re looking for soon.

Best wishes


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My main concern is not being stable but have found private rehab unit which I will start in January.
However this is all very new. Recently married and had such plans. :woman_shrugging:t2:
I am a find out and manage , fight sort of person but not knowing why ? Risks ? Know diet etc has to improve but it was good already. I can’t drink since the stroke due to migraine so that is out.
Start own exercise amber level today.
I suppose it’s the loss of independence. Fear I will never be stable again. Fears we all have I suppose

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Yeah, seems we all have those anxieties - my wife & I are struggling with it big time at the moment - I’ve been odd for a week :frowning: As the welcome post says 2 step fwd 1 backward

Anxiety management is part of the tool kit :hammer_and_wrench:

The main message is that we do get progressively better. I have had lots of improvements in the last 3yrs and so have many who post.

Time is a necessary component - if we do nothing then deterioration of tendons & muscles seems guaranteed.

If we make efforts improving isn’t always visible but over time it comes along so effort plus time is maybe optimum.
I think it’s hard or impossible to speed up past the biological limits. Unfortunately it’s ease to proceed at a slower pace and counterproductive to push beyond the limits.

Have faith, search for the topics of concern, read more, ask questions and you should get your bearings



Thanks Ann
I have found that private drs also booked up until January. The misfortune of our NHS is that those who can pay( my pension pot) do and those that can’t wait longer. Sad fact of life that widens health inequalities



I had tests done privately that did give reasons as to why I had my stroke. That said, I still manage my condition in the same way I would have done, had I not known. Medication, exercise. diet. physio and most importantly for me, professional help to keep my mental health in check. It’s very easy to feel helpless after a stroke. I went through BUPA to arrange for MRI’s etc, about a month’s wait.


Thanks . I am being more positive today. You are right the best way is forward. As this happened whilst I was under anaesthetic I have taken it easy for 4 weeks to allow wounds to recover. It was after this I began to question why I couldn’t balance etc .
Hence diagnosis of stroke. I have a lot of fitness issues to work on .
Exercise today was…. hard work :grinning:. But daily I will improve


If our brains could regenerate, we’d be laughing.
But we do have the plasticity card to play.


So true. I am very lucky as it appears my cognitive abilities have haven’t changed ( my other half might disagree :grinning:) . I was a social worker in a hospital for years aware of lack of rehab for those who need it