Touching base

I haven’t been terribly busy but I have, if that makes sense. I am reading posts but I am exhausted most of the day. My dog takes a lot out of me, terribly beneficial but demanding company. I love you all. I am slow to respond these days, as I am finding virtual life and “real life” difficult to manage. I wish I was some mythical creature that could fly away to another universe. I miss responding to everyone quickly but I can’t. I am slow, methodical. I used to have OCD as a child. It is resolved but still lingers.

It is Summer. I crave being out with the plants and the earth. Smelling that earthy smell between my fingers and nose. And yes, I will join that soil at some point and create a merry dance.

I am standing by, nonetheless, and reading. My plateau has not changed so much. I have managed brain injury as much as I can understand it. I need to address it more, confront it face to face. Call on the inner Eric the Red, or Dylan when he uttered those morbid lines, rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

My light isn’t dying, as far as I know, but it ain’t gonna light up any Christmas tree :woozy_face:


I will keep you in my prayers and look forward to any interaction you can manage. I have faith that you will be back up to par before too long. If you don’t get moving soon enough to suit the dog, I know the dog will drag you up. Mine does and yours seems much like mine, although she evidently has decided it is bed time. She is asleep on my pillows, where she is not actually supposed to be. Taking advantage of me looking away! LOL. Just like a child.


I’m Sending a fresh supply of hugs :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Take yr time this is a community of support not a chore :slight_smile:


@Rups good to hear you’re ok although things are difficult for you right now. We are here as & when you want us but its ok not to reply too. We’re just happy as long as you’re ok.

If you find that mythical creature to help us all out that’d be grand :grin:

Look after yourself & here’s to your energy levels recovering so you can enjoy your foraging etc again.


Sorry to hear you are not feeling your usual energetic, chatty self. We all have times when we are not feeling our best.

Enjoy this lovely weather and let nature help you back on the road to recovery :blush:.

Look forward to hearing from you are back on track.
Best wishes and take care.
Regards Sue


Shwmae @SimonInEdinburgh, it’s just post-stroke Summer malaise, it has occurred every Summer since stroke. Things get busy, people get livelier, and I get deeply frustrated at my limitations. My mood goes up and down like a yo-yo this time of year. I used to use this extra daylight to tackle outside jobs up until about 10:30 pm, impossible now. Diolch yn fawr for the hugs, it’s not that thinking is a chore, it’s the delay in my brain that drags. Even a simple email becomes a weeks worth of contemplation before I may even get around to sending. I started teaching again, probably about a year ago, but I have had to stop again because I couldn’t schedule my day appropriately and was finding myself mentally fatigued by the time I needed to give a lesson. But hey-ho, it will all get back on track later on in the year.

@DeAnn, diolch, I think I’ve just hit a brick wall. Demands on my time become strained when I am this pooped.

@Mrs5K, I have been out foraging, it is one of the times I can disappear and reappear refreshed. My hwyl will return, just got to ride the low ebb until I’m picked up by the current again.

@Mahoney, overwhelming is the word. Every Summer, things explode into a hectic, frenzy of activity. I forget about it in the Winter but as soon as the weather turns up a few notches, I feel completely drained. Not from the sun but from the pace.

@Susan_Jane, I really ought to swap my ridiculously long, “to do list” with a “to do nothing list”.


Glad to hear from you fatguie as you know is a right pain hope u keep going des