Tools to train and develop the affected hand

Not at all! I also have that pain, tingling, freezing cold/boiling hot pressure feeling in my right toes and ball of foot, but not farther back or up my leg. The right side is my better side, by far.

I should add, my less active winter self has seemed to allow the pain to become worse again. Possibly due to weather, but more likely due to less movement. I am angry at myself about that, because I have to start again, but excuse myself a bit as my focus was more on my cognitive functions. It is hard for me to stay one task, and even harder to add another with any real focus. I’m working on that as well. I have a task tracker. January was awful…I forgot to do most things, mostly via getting sidetracked. February was a little better. March was pretty good. Here’s hoping April brings even better results in establishing habits, so eventually I can do them by rote again (and hopefully much faster).