Today's Britain and the world

I originally put this in the funnies but it isn’t funny.

This popped up on my FB wall this morning. It is so true for the world not just for Britain. Just thought you might like to have a look. I’m not overjoyed with the situation either.


What is it they say about being careful what you wish for…


They didn’t mention Doctors in that article. I have not ‘‘seen’’ a Doctor from my GP practice for nearly 3 and a half years. I have occasionally spoken to one on the phone - but how much are they missing? I am sure a Doctor would be able to give a better diagnosis or help if they could see the the patient in person. If they dont see my demeanour or physical presentaion then how much are they missing?

The same applies with online or telephone assessments when we claim the benefits such as PIP. How can they properly assess a ‘‘virtual’’ claimant?

I am becoming a ‘‘virtual’’ person. All I am is an email address, NI number, NHS number, bank card number, and a pseudonym. I live somewhere in the UK at a delivery address.

Phones are becoming useless. Any numbers I ring just put me through to an electronic menu of endless options to press - there is never an option for ‘‘would you like to speak to someone?’’.

I go to the pub and what do I get? Lots of people all texting someone else - so not much chance of conversation there either!

Look on the bright side. The postman spoke to me today but had nothing for me.


Our postman apparently has the nickname in the sorting office legend .

I can well believe it too. He’s very very chatty. Nice guy too :slight_smile: