Time moves on

I posted this to my Facebook friends yesterday but as everyone here has been so supportive i thought i should also share with everyone…

Three years ago today (15th May), I ended up in A&E and spent a week in hospital having had a Stroke. Lots of tests eventually located the source being a hole in the heart (PFO). Six months off work and gradual return with huge support from the team at #terram in Maldon got me on the road to recovery.

Sadly I needed to move on in 2023 finding my old role just a bit too challenging for the new me. Here i am, back on the tools and feeling almost like the old me.

Lots of physio and therapy, not to mention support from family and friends, has got me back in the hills and on the bike. I was signed off by the stroke team a while back and have had the PFO fixed at Barts. Along the way I’ve made some good friends including those on the Stroke Association forums.

I’ve just got back from walking in the Lake Garda area, Italy, on some of the toughest paths and steepest terrain I’ve been on for years. I can safely say I am signing myself off, and am over the moon with where I am now.

Here’s to a bright and active future. Thank you all for helping me along the way :pray:


Up high above Riva del Garda


It’s great that you’re enjoying post-stroke life so much :slight_smile:

Wishing you the best


Hi Phil, so pleased to hear that you are living your best post stroke life. Well done, may it long continue.

Best wishes Sue


Just as I thought Phil your a schoolboy ! You will be bungee jumping next.


Good to hear that you’ve not only reached high above the Riva del Garda, but you’ve also reached homeostasis in your post stroke journey. Travel well. :smile:


What a great positive post @EssexPhil so pleased you have got yourself to where you want to be in your journey & well done on the walking tour of Italy.


:clap: :clap: :clap: And what a beautiful place to celebrate a wonderful new life :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: And long may you have a stroke free future :people_hugging:


Thank you all so much for the comments and thoughts. Its a long road as we all know, opportunities for further recovery may be distant but if i am as i am that’s fine by me.

Support from everyone on the forum was, and is still, very much appreciated :+1:


Hi Phil last year I managed to get on a bike again which I thought was an impossibly. Ok it didn’t go smoothly, along an old railway line cycle path. Luckily very few people on it. Scraped nuckles on tunnel brickwork, odd topple onto grass verge but no injury. Then ran out of steam, noble Wife/carer ended up pushing both bikes home. Second attempt reached coffee shop for tea and peddled back with occasional stop for rest. In next week or two when I can motivate myself hope to be on saddle again without stabilisers, Paul


That’s great to hear Paul. When i got on mine i rode about 50 yards up and down the road. A bit wobbly and very aware my reactions may not have been what they were. I did it more often and got comfortable with the different feeling increasing time ans distance.

I was never a super fit racer but am more sedate now, enjoying the ride out and freedom. Fitness is coming back. I rode a 35 mile organised event last year, hoping to find something similar this year.


Are you trying to fly under the radar there, hope no one would notice your achievement to celebrate :smile:
Aww, too bad :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: Congratulations, :clap: :clap: :clap: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:
Just be sure to stay out of any beds of nettles next time :wink:


I am so happy for you .
You are also looking fab keep up the good work :clap: :raised_hands:


I am so very excited for you! I am thinking you enjoy a challenge. Recovering after stroke is a challenge. I also suspect, being accustomed to challenges likely helped in your journey, and that besting the stroke has made your new challenges seem less daunting…as in…if one can do this, then he surely do anything he sets out to do.

I love this picture of you. To me it is showing someone who has conquered and moved the mountains.

Your post is very uplifting and hopeful!

I have great respect and only the best of wishes for you. You are an inspiration.


@DeAnn wow, blown away with your comment, thank you so much and to everyone else as well. I am so pleased you can take inspiration from me and turn some of that good energy into what you are achieving yourselves, one of my colleagues from my previous company said similar, I’ve never been ‘Inspirational’ before!

I was determined to get the best recovery I could, as we all know it’s a full time job getting to know new ways of doing things and adapting to what we can/can’t do. In the early days I never envisaged being able to get back to all these things but I told myself I would give it a damned good go.


@Pds there’s less chance of crashing into nettles if your on a tricycle :+1:


Me on a trike, never ! Well not till I’m decrepit. Went bird watching with mate this week, a lot of walking, zapped me but did see a red backed shrike , a rare migrant . Good cycle path from here to Chichester with a very convenient pub at end. So pint and a Stilton ploughman and poodle back


Sounds bucolic and idyllic

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Now see, you wouldn’t have any falls if you got yourself a set on stabilisers.

And actually I’m kind of sorry now that I got rid of my own bike now. I hadn’t realised stabilisers even existed for adult bike, hey-ho :neutral_face:

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