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Hi all,
In the last 3/4 months I have had 5 TIA’s, I have had the MRI and Ct Scans and all the other tests, they have now found out that I have very narrow veins and artery’s on my right hand side of my brain! I am still continuing having TIA’s even on medication, I went to Addenbrookes 5 weeks ago and they have said I am not allowed to do anything to exert myself, which I was finding difficult but I have really been hit with depression and anxiety which I have never had before! I didn’t realise how serious this is, the consultant has said I’m a very unusual case as I was born like this! I am going to have to go back to Addenbrookes for more tests as they don’t know what to do with me! I am really scared that I will have a major stroke that I can’t come back from! Has anybody else experienced this and what was the outcome!
I am just frustrated that I don’t know what/if anything they can do! Is anybody else seeing a consultant at Addenbrookes and how are you finding them? It will be six week on Monday that I saw them and I have heard nothing from them, I would have thought I should have received a letter to say what the next step is.

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Hi @peachergirl and welcome to the forum, I’m so sorry you’ve have this reason to join us but you will find a warm welcome here along with a wealth of support and advice and it’s a good place just chat or rant :smile: :hugs:

May I ask how old you are, I’m guessing young considering what you have just told?

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Hello EmeraldEyes, thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:
I am 46, I am thankful that it hasn’t happened before now.

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Then I wonder what’s changed in your body/life that has suddenly started this. Maybe something you need to think about. As to why you have not heard anything from Addenbrookes, I can only hope that your case needs that time and consideration as to how to proceed. You should phone them to chase it up, that should speed it up for you. Sometimes you’ve just got keep harassing, ‘he who shouts loudest…’ and all that.

They could possibly be considering stents in some of the main arteries to widen them a tad, I dare say you’ve given them quite the conundrum.


Hi @peachergirl
Welcome to the forum. as Emeraldeyes said you’ll find many folk here on journeys that crisscross yours - no two journeys are the same but they all have very similar landmarks, often in different orders and from different perspectives - you’ll find that folk understand, are supportive, ready to share their expertise and experiences too.

Between us weve normally had the questions or the therapies or the medications, know what the alternative are, also the likley side effects etc

I haven’t heard of somebody with your rare condition and I can fully understand why it would cause you anxiety more of that in a second.

The way in which your journey sounds utterly typical is the delays and lack of communication. I think we’ve all been in the position that information is very spread out and not in terms that are designed to connect. questions are deflected with “I couldn’t say because everybody’s different” and “is there anything you want to ask” is near impossible to address properly because at first we don’t have enough knowledge to frame the questions or understand the answers in a meaningful sense.
In this sense post stroke life is like being teleported somewhere entirely alien where both your body and the people around you no longer make sense. However everybody here is in a similar situation and understands and quite a few now know enough to guide others like yourself

On anxiety which is entirely appropriate for many of us (and manifests as PTSD for some) I would suggest searching this site using the magnifying glass at the top of the page for posts on effects and it’s management. There’s a lot being shared. Being anxious about things you cannot do anything about will create its own problems so being able to deal with the anxiety will put you in a better place both the cope with the current condition and deal with the future.

While any stroke is serious and potentially fatal everybody here has had at least one and obviously with it all still here ! :smiley: and the vast majority of us are doing very well even if we are stroke warriors battling our own challenges everyday. I might even go so far as to say many of us now recognise that while we wouldn’t have selected voluntarily to have one there are some silver linings to the cloud - those sentiments you can also find by searching with magnifying glass at the top of the page.

Lean on the folk here by asking questions, sharing frustrations, unburdening yourself with a well placed rant, but also by celebrating successes marking milestones in progress- both of which are necessary parts of the best recoveries .



Hi so sorry to hear of your TIAs but welcome to this forum. We are a merry band of stroke survivors of different ages and who have all suffered different types of stroke. I’m sure there will be someone here who has suffered something similar to you. So ask away. It is quite normal to suffer depression and anxiety following a stroke, especially as you are still undergoing tests. Unfortunately, everything NHS related is taking such a long time to get sorted. Might be worth giving them a call to chase them up and to explain how anxious this is making you feel. Make a nuisance of yourself if you have to.

Try not to worry too much and take it easy whilst you wait for your next appointment.

Another website you might find useful is www.differentstrokes.co.uk a UK stroke charity providing a unique service for young stroke survivors.

I wish you well in your recovery and look forward to hearing from you if you need to chat, or just to have a moan or a rant.

Regards Sue


@peachergirl just saying hi & welcome to the forum. It must be quite scary for you as you still don’t know what’s happening. I would give the hospital a call & chaee them up. It can’t do any harm.

I don’t know what your GP is like but when I was really worried I saw my GP & she took time to go through everything with me which helped allay my fears loads.

For now, just take it very easy like you’ve been advised & hopefully along with the meds this will keep things stable for you until they see you again.

You could perhaps try the brain & spine foundation & see if they can help with your specific concerns.

Sending best wishes.

Ann x


I have thinking about that and the only difference is my cholesterol is very high, I am now on medication for that.


Thank you, I will give them a call, it’s great talking to you guys as you are giving me some really useful information.


I too find this forum a great source of help & support. They’ve helped me many times especially in the early days but still helping now 20 months on.


Reading your thread is really quite humbling tbh!
To get through this curve in the road is reach out to your friends and family they know you better than any of us so me advising wouldn’t make it right!
I was totally confused when I had my stroke this time last year and like you made me extremely depressed,
I smoked for 35 years and instantly gave up I was petrified of sleeping because my consultant said I could have easily died but who knows,
I’m fit and well and explained to my GP my anxiety and mood swings so prescribed me sertraline 50 mg and I must say its really helped me,
Basically what I’m trying to say is live your life and enjoy everything that’s on offer.
I totally understand your concerns but brush them off with PMA and the love of others.peachergirl you’ve got this stay strong and motivated,
I wish you well and good luck.