The Sock Goblin - nonsense from a stroked brain

Where you ever a chef? Or just a keen enthusiast

Time for MasterChef maybe?

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I’ve been an enthusiastic hobbyist Simon, always interested in food, worked in catering in my early teens as a holiday job each year. Became more involved as an amateur after a couple of heart attacks about 25 years ago. I like my food and its preparation has always interested me.

You must excuse me I have bread to attend to.

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Sure, I know the bread & baking must be done when it/ the timer dictates Lea bakes bread etc

The smell is always a precursor to the treat and the warm crust off the end with a small knob o’ butter is often the advertised ‘domestic bliss’ sharing treat When it arrives



The bread is now on its final rise and will be ready and baked in about a couple of hours.

All this memory ploughing has turned up a couple of antiques from my past. Both well worth a read, they are from my schooldays.

One is ‘The Scholar Gypsy’ by Matthew Arnold and the other ‘Michael’ by Wordsworth. I believe they are to be experienced rather than to be picked through and debated over.

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Curious why you suggest these literary works to me? Is it because the smell of bread is evocative?


What’s on the menu tomorrow, Bobbi?


Same as today - a rather tasty stew put together by my wife.
An easy time for me, I won’t be grumbling.
I could keep an eye out for sock goblins I suppose.
Not caught one yet though.

:smile: :+1:


All went well until I left it on one side, then it all squidged out over the worktop!
Something to do with gravity, I think.
Back to the drawing board.