The rain has arrived

The rain has tested my waxing of the car, beefing up nicely,
Plus got out to top up the screen wash check fluids and general inspection, finally after 3 and a half years of being unable to do what my Sunday morning was about.


Excellent work @mrfrederickson

Must make you feel good that it’s done even if 3 years late!!


:polar_bear: :wink:


Yep that’s the picture I was waiting to see

Well done :slight_smile:


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Yes better late than never.
I hate this aspect of my stroke, recovery can’t come soon enough.


Thanks Simon all the effort paid off.


And not just in the car I’ll bet you’re mobility and dexterity are improved even if it’s only a 10th of 1%

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Thanks Simon proves that the effort was worth it.


Great work , nice to have your Sunday morning routine back. May the good work continue. :clap:.

Regards Sue


Thanks , next task is showering before bed and that becomes more adept with each time, oh to be able to use both arms and walk in , maybe next year?


Yes KGB better late than never.


I put a picture in a frame a few days ago - took me a few hours with no help!! But I did it.

Just managed to put the sticky wall tab things on - command hanging strips or something - can’t quite read the label.

And… JP is off today so has helped me put it up!!!

Done!!! I mean raised by DIA BP by 15 points but it’s done.

Time for JP to make me a bagel :polar_bear: :wink:


Well done! :koala:


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Excellent achievement thoroughly deserved congratulations.
Well done

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Thanks I find myself thinking am I good at adapting to my disabilities or have I recovered Seine of my previous abilities.

The answer is at 2.5 years post stroke I’m no better than the first night in hospital regarding my physical changes all the same, I just know more about myself and have adapted to being disabled, so nothing’s changed and no signs of improvement on any level bar my skill at living life as a hemiplegic man, pain the same numb mess the same smalll improvement in peripheral vision micro muscle movements dead major arm muscles dead, not sure how much more time has to pass for the brain to fix itself but I’m living in hope.
In the mean time’s I adapt to do what I’ve always loved doing.

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I think you constantly underestimate your progress and how inspiring and amazing you are.

I honestly think that you are someone who inspires me at 10 months to still try.

I so disagree and sorry but you are better clearly!!! You bloomin waxed the car. Could you do that 2 years ago?

So yes you have adapted but that does not mean you are not ‘better’ .

I believe and sorry to be a bit philosophical now but your mind is the thing that has been damaged and you have worked on your mind. So therefore what does ‘better’ mean?? are you happier and can do more? That is not adaptation that is you and your support network working to help you.

I take a lot from you and you help me to want to get that picture up by myself at 2.5 years.


Here is a picture that @SimonInEdinburgh sent me earlier (well Lea to be fair via Simon) to illustrate my point. And thank you again :two_hearts: