Hello wonderful group,

I’ve got a feeling my locked-glute (Yin days) are coming to an end. For 1 year and 1 month I have been plagued (every other day) with huge spasms and locked-glute muscles for up to 18 hours at a time. On the weekend I started reading a book on foot health, and by Tuesday, locked-glute day, I managed to avoid locked-glute muscles all day (and night). Yes, it did try to start up, but every time I would drive the outer edge of my midfoot down into the ground, feel the weight-bearing muscles engage all the way up to my hip (glute) and relieve the pain and locking (whether seated or standing). I had to repeat this many times during the day, but it worked each and every time. The same is happening today.

This isn’t the first time I have made a change to my condition. We know that stroke times are long winded, but it really feels like I’m in the driving seat each time I conquer a problem. It encourages me to focus more, and work harder. People have criticized me for my efforts, probably thinking they’re all in vain, and that I should resign myself, accept things, relax and watch a movie. Well, I’m here to do the opposite; to encourage others to make a difference to their condition, to work at their weaknesses, to never give up, and to have complete faith in their recovery. I have been very active, and had many breakthroughs and discoveries along the way. My book is filled with battles and victories! The victories are not easy; they are won only with real tenacity! Correct pacing and energy management are crucial, avoiding the boom/bust trap a given, but keeping yourself in a constructive mode, quietly determined is essential (and I’m not perfect in this, by a long way).

But, the bottom line is things don’t have to stand still; indeed, they must not. It’s hard, but it is possible to influence our recovery, and accelerate things. No matter how stuck we are, how cornered we feel, there’s something we can chip away at. Strokes improve with time, but they take time, so if we can ride the stormy days, we will be in better shape when we come out the other side. There is always something we can improve!

That’s my style; it works for me
Hope everyone has a good day,
and work with a joyful heart
Salut, Ciao, Hei ! Roland

ps. Think I’ll watch a movie, tonight!


@pando Hi Roland,

I am thrilled to read this & good on you for your persistance & never giving up. A couple of weeks ago you were in a dark place & today you sound a million miles from that place. Congratulations :clap::clap:

There is a very bright light at then of your tunnel & it’s getting brighter every day.

Enjoy your film.


Thanks, Ann

You follow me well. I do feel so different now I have raised the baseline up a notch. Yes, I was in a dark place 2 weeks ago, and I’m aware of my fragility. So, elated for now, I am aware that my next job is to fix my foot, while my nerves continue to connect and provide me with much needed feedback.

There will be more challenges ahead!
Thanks for following & encouraging me, ciao, Roland


I think that what is working best for you Roland, is the natural path for you, and what encourages you and motivates you can only be rewarding. Aldous Huxley once quipped, ‘Other people can’t make you see with their eyes . At the best they can only encourage you to use your own.’ And that’s the difference between projection and discourse. Hopefully those locked glute days become farther and farther apart, and brain/body calibration is about thousands of repetitions, not just half an hour here, and half an hour there, and then bemoaning, ‘Why isn’t it fixed,’ I’ve done months of work. Years of work more like it.


Hi Roland, that’s a great achievement :clap:. Well done for never giving up.

Keep up the good work and may there be many great achievements coming your way :+1:.

Best wishes and regards Sue


:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: And I am so happy you Roland, keep on riding those storms :people_hugging: :clap: :clap: :clap: :partying_face:
We all have our times of deep despair on this journey, they can’t be avoided, but giving in to them and giving up is so much harder on you as well as loved ones. You’re a big guy with a strong determination as are your will, tenacity and stamina, stronger than you give yourself credit for. You know now what you are capable of achieving now on this journey, now raise the baseline of faith in yourself :smile:


Thx Rups,

The frequency was every other day ; but I believe they are over/ history / finito / la fin, (not getting further apart)

That’s funny; I don’t doubt Huxley, but that’s exactly what happens when I see physio n2, who has been following me from the start. Whenever he comes, I see myself through his eyes!

ciao, Roland


Thanks Emerald,

You are so encouraging. Meanwhile I can hardly believe there have been no spasms since last week (Sunday was minimal, Tuesday was clear. Today also). The peak intensity was always 3pm.

Now to focus on my foot !
So grateful to you, ciao, Roland