I hope you all have some lovely sunshine. I am about to hang out the washing for the first time this year then I might eat lunch in the garden.


There’s nothing more satisfying than getting it all washed, dried and put away in one fell swoop. Leaves you so much more time to do other more fun stuff :smile:


The healing powers of sunshine are not to be underestimated !!


Its fantastic tosee the sunshine at long last. I put my washing our for the 1st time at the weekend but my neighbour lit a bonfire so i had to quickly retrieve it again…but still it was nice to actually hang it outside. After work today I got to spend some time sat outside too. Lovely xx


:sun_with_face: :sunny: Hi everyone the weather is glorious here in the Garden of England and like you have all said, sunshine is a great tonic and definitely puts a spring in your step (even those of us who struggle with our walking) :smile:.

Who would have thought that hanging your washing out could be so exciting :grinning:.

Have a great weekend everyone.
Regards Sue


I took the cover off the garden cable and chairs yesterday and I sat and had a coffee - it was warm but not too sunny. Yesterday virgin also reinstated our internet so today…

… With the sun shining I’ve been sat in the garden all morning with internet access and I did have a cup of coffee when I came out but that’s now empty so I think I’ll go and make another and then I’ll get on to all the plants that are sitting waiting to be put into the garden :slight_smile:


Yes I am in my conservatory, Thinking about what to make for lunch. Have a great day…and a great weekend.


Thanx -: I made an ardenne pate sandwich with coleslaw couscous and multicoloured tomatoes and more coffee

Struggling to get the motivation to get on my hands and knees in the flower beds I hopefully by 1:00



That sounds delicous!!! I am gonna have liver! Which is kind od like pate uncooked! lol!! @SimonInEdinburgh I would just like to say thank you for being so encourging. I really apperciated in. I was feeling a bit down yesterday. I have interview for a job and didnt get it…BUT it was my first interview so as @Bobbi would say…Keep on keeping on
Have a great day everyone.


Well view it as practise for the next interview & there loss you won’t be lending your talents to their goals :slight_smile:

What sort of job are you going for? (What was your “really good job”¿)
I hope the ‘hours per week’ will match what youll cope with without fatigue :slight_smile: many folk find an incremental path helps.

Your welcome on the encouragement front - we all benefit from a little support

Enjoy your liver :slight_smile: yes an unprocessed form pate - & one of my wife’s favourites

Rather than keeping on keeping on I prefer that reflects a life is a journey with changes that I hope on balance are positive regression as hinted at by onwards and upwards