Sunday morning car work

Decided to do some under bonnet upkeep and clean the brake dust off my alloy wheel s

All fun and wore me out had to sit down at each wheel


@mrfrederickson I suspect this is a labor of LOVE! :grinning: Good job Laddie.


Well done @mrfrederickson i’m tired just thinking about that. :grin: i agree witb @Outlander i think it is a labour of love

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LOL…sorry about my American spelling…Labor. :wink:

That it is .
If you don’t clean off the brake dust the wheels get damaged wi surface corrosion and the paint comes off. I love my cars so try to maintain a high level of newness in them with pride.

It how I live my life.
Look after the people in it and when you need them they will help you.


Awe, I know how that feels. First time I tried cutting my small section of front yard grass I had to sit and rest about 5 times. Usually I would be done in 20 min. Took about hour and 1/2.

Best to you,