Struggling with post stroke me

Hello Lou. I had my stroke in March 2022 and spent 5 weeks in hospital before my discharge. Prior to my stroke I used to have “Urge problems” where i sometime could not get to the loo in time, I was also a type 2 diabetic and used to get up 3-4 times a night to go to the loo. since my stroke I have had to purchase incontinence slips as my stroke has not helped me get to the loo faster. While I was in hospital I was lucky to get 2 hours sleep each night. Now I get 6-7 hours on a regular basis. I was never a sun lover so still spend my time in the shade when I am outside and can easily nap. being retired (69) I can nap whenever I want to and I feel that sleeping whenever I want to helps but I still suffer with fatigue. I know things are slowly improving but it is so slow it is causing me to have depression.

These comments don’t offer any advice but they confirm you are not alone. keep posting questions and reading the stories of other people in recovery they may help.


Hi i too used to be a sun worshiper but a case of vitiligo cured me of that, I’m in Cyprus at the moment and suffering in the sun 33degrees in the shade
My kindle stopped working it was to hot. Needed to get in the pool. Two things i found , i couldn’t use most of my right side and i have forgotten how to swim luckily the pool was not deep and my wife held me up until i managed to get my legs under control. I became a little bit depressed but daughter and family took me to task and now im much better. I use a walker but only for a short way and then i need to sit on the walker, it is now 18 months since my stroke.
Only one advice i can give don’t give up, your friends or family will help and prop you up if you give them a chance.we brits are supposed to keep calm and get on with it.

And so must I love and love you. It’s, time for the music quiz my daughter and her daughter won two nights running. Not me i can’t keep up with bingo at the moment and I only have buy the tickets


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