Strokes due to PFO's

Hi everyone, I'm 50 years young and have suffered a stroke to the Cerebellum. I had a TIA in Oct 2016 in which now reason was found but then in May 2018 I suffered (which i call ) a proper stroke in right side of my Cerebellar, after many more test a PFO was found in my heart but the NHS unfortunately don't commission these closure operation at the moment .Gggggreat ! Wish I needed a £5000 boob job !! Anyways recovery is slow still have headache most days ,tremors, dizzy spells and weird feelings in head 3 months on. Went back to work 6 weeks later but way too soon people, signed off again now. Anything else to look forward too ?

Yes there is a new life waiting for you. You are a "new you" and you are about to take on life from scratch. As long as you do not yearn for the "old you" then many new things will come your way.

The stroke symptoms do improve and often go away completely, but it has two speeds. Slow and very slow. So your new life starts as a very patient individual. 

Your poor brain is permanently damaged. TIA is rarely any premanent damage but stroke means permanent damage. Your clever brain has repaired what it can save and is rewiring around the dead bits it cant save. Amazing really. (Neuroplacisity). Not surprising that it gives you pains and dizzyness whilst it is working away. Brain will need extra water so do keep hydrated.

Be positive. Smile. Lots of us here for you.




Thanks very much, good to hear positive news and looking at a new me is a good way to think, Cheers (hope I'm still liked as much :);) )

You definitely will be liked laugh.  Take Colin's advice - lots of rest and stay positive, best luck and wishes.

smiley cheers will do 


I had my stroke in October last year, aged 30, so 10/11 months on now. Mine was also a stroke to the Cerebellum caused by a PFO.

My only sympton was dizziness, which at the time was so severe I could not stand and caused severe vomiting.

Hopefully I can offer some comfort by saying that the dizziness has almost completely gone. It started to get significantly better after about 6 months - before then I was almost constantly a little dizzy. Now most days I am completely dizziness free.

I really hope that you are able to make a full recovery and hope my experience offers some comfort. Please feel free to ask any questions about my recovery if itll help and feel free to private message me if youd like.


I am in a similar position as had stroke last October and have pfo. Emotionally very up and down and very frustrated with nhs. In my area they recommend closure and I am on a list but no funding to actually do the operation. I feel like I am getting there with my recovery but do take time to rest when need to. I am driving and returned to work 4 days a week as a primary School teacher. It has taken awhile as recovery slow but remember to keep hydrated and take each day as it comes. Feel free to message me if want to.

Good news that it does clear up and your ok, fingers crossed it happens for me .. Cushty !!!

Thanks, me Mrs has been in touch with our local MP and told them the about our problem with NHS not being aloud to do closure operation and their gonna look into it to push for the funding for people with our criteria, let's hope for next year? don't fancy taking these anti-coag's for too long with the side effects they can cause. Keep the sleep ???