Stroke rehab homevol

Well Dad is going to be released from hospital to a Stroke rehab home. This is to enable him to work on his mobility. The home have already spoken to me and explained how it will work which offered some reassurance..more so given the fact they will look at what adaptations will be needed before the next step of coming home.

Mum and Dad were both visibly upset and crying last night on the news. After a day of letting it sink in I am hopeful this will help give my dad some confidence back.

hopefully the best Christmas pressie can happen with him home for Christmas. I have already said I will cook!!! Might need some help guys never cooked it before. 

Hi Karen - a stroke rehab home sounds good, as presumably the staff will all be experienced, specialists in stroke, better than hospital, a good half-way step.  

Don't worry about cooking C'mas lunch, lots of supermarkets have pre-prepared 'stuff', which would certainly save you a lot of hassle, leaving more time to spend with your Dad, and Mum.  ????

Im glad your Dad is getting the help he will need before coming home. 

Im cooking Christmas Dinner as well this year due to Mum not being able to do it and also I have her dining room table and chairs as she had to get rid of the to get her bed in the lounge. So thats the least I can do by having them to dinner lol.x

I will be asking for tips!!! 

Hi Karen

It certainly sounds like the best plan of action has been put in place - a stroke rehab home will give him the confidence and therapy he needs and fingers crossed, he returns home for christmas! 

It is bound to have a massive impact on everyone, but hopefully you can all visit him.

Take care and keep seeking support on here.