Stroke and Dementia

Dear John,

My mother had a brain bleed stroke like you in 2021 (she died 2 years after her stroke). My mother’s memory was always good, more or less, but she had a horrible time concentrating; in fact, she couldn’t even stay focused on a television show long enough to watch it to completion (forget about anything that required more than 10 minutes of concentration), especially in the 2nd year.

Her intellectual abilities remained intact for the most part over the two-year period, though she became very irrational about certain things about 5-6 months after her brain event (post-stroke regression?). She essentially gave up the will to live. Ironically, she recovered very well physically, but never appreciated it because she became too apathetic.

Out of curiosity, did you recover well physically? And what triggered your stroke? High blood pressure?

My mother’s brain bleed occurred from severely low platelets in her bloodstream from an autoimmune blood condition called aplastic anemia (very, very rare). It was spontaneous, and happened in the early morning hours while she was in bed.

Brain bleed strokes are much less common than ischemic strokes (blood clot strokes).

I wish you the very best.

Take care,


I’m sorry to hear of your mother, my stroke was caused by high blood pressure, my left side is still numb , i can walk with my pole, left hand doesn’t work. Try to make things as best I can. Take care John

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My mum like you suffered a haemorrage at the age of 45 left side numb use a calliper.
Divorced me dad 10yrs later and lived on her own until she passed aged 70
Her memory was lapsing but she could still function without carers, she had a good circle of family and friends
You will have good bad days but like my mum i think its just as we get older are memiry not so good


Thankyou for sharing Matthew

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Thankyou Martiage. Perhaps I should count my blessings

@Martiage1989 just popping by to say hi & welcome to the forum. Hope you find it a useful & friendly place to be.

Best wishes


Hi @Martiage1989
Like Ann I just saw it as it was your first post so thought to say hello and welcome




Thankyou Ann and Simon. It has been a warm welcome.


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Hi Peter,

How are you feeling now? And how is your confusion, etc?

Sometimes stroke patients have regression over time for unknown reasons, and they have to work hard to reverse course.

Please take care of yourself.



Just wanted to say Hi and welcome you to the forum. It’s a friendly, helpful place to ask anything you want or chat or offload for a while.

Take care now


Thankyou Matthew. I’m very lucky to be fine in between the episodes of confusion and discomfort. You take care too.



Thankyou “Emerald”. You take care too.