Stimulation for patient in hospital

Hello @Poppy1
Sorry you’ve had cause to join us. Now you are here as you may have gathered from the above you’ll get a warm welcome and lots of advice from experienced and empathetic people .

I’ll echo most of the things Bobby and emerald have said. But I’ll emphasise that the recovery time scales are months quarters and years not weeks. I’m 3 years post My speech is slightly affected, I can walk again I could just about hobble at discharge my right hand doesn’t work but my right arm has come on a long way, fatigue is up and down. How much fatigue dad gets will be a very big factor

I’ll also emphasise that during my time in hospital I hated it when other people turn the radio or television on. I could not deal with it. conversation the last thing I wanted. There was no way I wanted to read a magazine. Laying on my bed appearing to stare out the window was most helpful. My wife imagined it as little men probably a Disney cartoon working away on repairs - apparently I didn’t know but they have crochet hooks! :slight_smile:

I suppose that makes sense if they having to put back together brain networks :slight_smile:

It’s important that your family and you understand to only push very generally and infrequently. Don’t push more If the stimulus isn’t immediately accepted - It will be when he’s ready which I’m going to guess will be 3, 6 or 12 months time.
two reasons it’ll be counterproductive for your dad and it will be disheartening and wearing for you - you all have to come to terms with the fact that as a foundation or linchpins you are going to have to look after yourselves - because caring for a stroke survivor who has any externally detectable or internally invisible deficits is a very very long haul In most cases


The welcome Post Kieran pointed you too tells you how to search. There are many other carers on here who have related the journey over weeks and months see the recent stream of posts

for a similar journey

Ask your questions as time unfolds but recognise that you have to let it unfold.

As an aside yes are NHS is stretched and the chronic care side in the experience of many is pitiful but the acute care also in the experience of many is better than adequate. Expect there to be a big gap when he gets discharged to home. That is where you will need to put your energies into