Slow stream rehab + feeling gas lit by MDT

I wonder if it is there only when you are available for a Zoom? No idea.

Thank you - your mum’s story is extraordinary. Then again, I’ve now read or been told of so many stories of older people improving for years after their stroke that I’m wondering if these aren’t the exceptions but are actually fairly common.

I believe it depends on a person’s mindset - some people just don’t want to fight for lots of reasons, or I guess some families don’t have the capacity to fight with and for them.

We have a rather large family but I’m the only child living in the same town - the others are scattered 70-100 miles away. So they need to contribute financially where they are able.

We’re yet to start applying for benefits for my mum and step-dad but we’re hopeful. If they get benefits in addition to state pensions, it would change the game in terms of the support we can get in.

Appreciate you taking the time to respond - I’ve been worried sick about the transition from hospital to home so your post came at a good time.


My mum’s hospital OT is referring her to an non-residential rehab unit. I did my own research, spoke to clinical leads at local NHS rehab units, and mentioned to the OT that my mum is actually suitable for one of them and I’ve been encouraged to refer her.

Without any hesitation the OT said she’d refer mum! I was utterly baffled as the team had put us through all of the stress of trying to get mum fit enough to get into intensive residential rehab in recent weeks. Anyway, the key thing is that we have hope of ongoing rehab.

The rehab pathways seem to be very defined, but then you come across the odd blurred line. Then the door swings wide open. It’s ridiculous.

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Stop wondering!

“You can’t / won’t improve” is a self-fulfilling prophecy when people believe it and it’s complete hogwash the rest of the time.

It serves only to make incompetent advisors feel justified when they are in-effective in creating improvements and it’s a lid on the budget :frowning:

Another thought: intensive rehab is a double-edged sword. Post stroke capability development is a marathon not a sprint. Moderate level of intensity for a long time is much much better than very intense for a short term.

It’s true that intensity gives gains they will be short lived if there is not consistency in effort therefore a little effort all day everyday is very much more sustainable and has a higher long-term return than a huge effort (and often at the time when that effort is hardest to summon up)


Oh this is interesting - thanks!


Great news that they are going to do the referral for your mum. It’s been a frustrating process for you though & it shouldn’t be like that. I hope she gets that referral soon xx


Btw were you aware that I replied to you about how useful your post was to others and our problems with inconsistent care could be fixed

It got to deleted by admin and there’s no point in asking why or who or any thing else because…