Sleep problems

Hello everyone, 

I had a TIA on Saturday., which happened to be the third one I had. Obviously I know about strokes but never heard of a TIA. I was released from hospital on the Tuesday and since then I have only had about 3 hours sleep a night. Is this common?



Morning Bryan, really sorry to hear of your TIA.  The good news is that you will more than likely make a very good recovery, a close friend of mine soon returned to full time work following his TIA, and he is now in good health.  Sleep seems to be a real battleground for people following strokes/TIAs.  Sleep patterns will improve, but right now you probably need to sleep whenever possible - that may mean taking power naps during the day, whilst your brain is healing and repairing it will need rest at quite random times.  Most people find their own sleep/rest routine as time progresses.  It's still really early days for you - so even if you can't sleep, be sure to try to rest and have some calm time without any demands!  Not easy, but very necessary.  There are many people on this site who will give you good quality advice and information from first hand experience.

Take good care, take some rest xx

Hi Bry, Welcome to the site. Even a TIA is very frightening. After my stroke two and a half years ago I slept very badly in hospital and on returning home. I had sleeping tablets for a short while, but then gradually got back to a normal sleep pattern. I think fear of a further TIA or worse probably makes you wake to prove to yourself you are still alive. Try to rest when you can, seek medical  help if necessary and perhaps try to have a healthier lifestyle if needed. Good luck to you.