Seeing The Consultant Well no

Hello Everyone,

I’ve just seen my stroke consultant up at my local hospital.(after being up there for five hours!).

It’s the first time I’ve seen a specialist since having my stroke over two months ago! I must admit I was feeling a little bit abandoned, especially after all the attention I was getting over in Belgium. I had the usual questionnaire to fill in and I had to give a blood sample, together with a blood pressure check, height and weight. It came as a shock to be told by the specialist, the cause of my stroke.

I mean Surley, it was my unhealthy living lifestyle? Living life to the full, well it certainly didn’t help smoking, drinking,taking sugar and eating junk food! So I assumed that most of that was the main reason? Well no, the specialist had my hospital notes and graphs in front of him and mentioned if I was taking anything to thin my blood? Well yes, I was taking an aspirin a day, together with a tablet for my high cholesterol. He said I had a problem with an irregular heart beat, I’ve always felt as strong as an ox, never any heart problems, my heart wasn’t coping, that was the cause of my stroke, so I must take two special  blood thinning tablets a day, probably for the rest of my life? I must admit this shocked me somewhat.

Then I was booked in straight away for yet another MRI scan, so here I am even more depressed than normal, just as I thought things were improving, I could be heading for heart problems on top of everything else!

Hey, I shouldn’t complain, the specialist did say it might only be a matter of 1/2 years to get mentally back to normal? Such is life!




Hi Brugge,
I'm sure like mine, your unhealthy lifestyle didn't help matters.
I had a patent foramen ovale (PFO) which is a hole in the heart that didn't close the way it should have after birth. The clot past through the hole and straight to the brain instead of going to the lungs.
The thing was I'd lived my whole life not knowing anything was wrong with my heart, putting my physical issues down to my aging body. I've since had the PFO closed thanks to Guys & St.Thomas's Hospital Trust, and may I say wow what a difference.
The thing is you could of gone your whole life not knowing about your irregular heart beat, because you didn't think it effected you physically. It's only been all the additional tests since your stroke that has brought it to life.
Having the stroke certainly gives you a huge sence of mortality. I think myself extremely lucky to have survived the stroke, The clot could of quiet easily gone to another part of the brain and been and instant game over.
The fact that I'd had the stroke in the first place was enough to effect me mentally, and I still think about it to this day 20 months later. I just try to make the most of my life now, because I have a lot to live for.

Bad news being left on your own or so it seems. Let’s hope you get a bit more help and understanding about what’s going on for you personaly

Hi nirve,

Thanks for your kind reply to my post, before my stroke, I’d just lost both my parents and I’ve had some very serious family problems also, which left me feeling terribly down. The stroke certainly hasn’t helped with my mood swings. But I tend to put a brave face on and maintain a good sense of humour ( after all life mustn’t be taken too seriously) hence the contents of my last few posts. Maybe if I wasn’t in my 60’s, I probably could handle things much better?( I think having more stamina helps?).But as the saying goes, life goes on!


Thanks for your reply Pauldc. Like someone said before - If we all had heart attacks, we’d all be seen straight away by the overwhelming amount of specialists out there. But the story is much more different for us SS. I must admit, I was beginning to lose hope of ever being seen by a specialist! Maybe there’s not enough of them trained up? I could be wrong, but I think the amount of SS out there,almost equals the amount of people that have suffered heart attacks?


Hi I don;t know about getting mentally back to normal!!!  How can you after what we have all been through.  You live each day as it comes and thankfull to be still here.  But ever looming in the background every time you feel something abnormal happening to you, "is it happening again"  everytime I feel a bit weird or get a headache etc etc I get that niggle.

I have to say my local Stroke unit at the QE hosp Kings Lynn are amazing.  My stroke doctor is so understanding.  Keep going onwards & upwards! Wendy

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for replying to my post. I suppose it all depends on the individual and their circumstances. Of course different SS have different needs, I can only speak for myself. Without going into too much detail,my personal circumstances weren’t great even before I had a stroke. So for me, I think I have greater mental challenges to overcome. Yes I do agree that having had a stroke is something you will never forget and it will be with you on a daily basis. One thing, maybe I’m wrong, but IMO if I had been say 20 years younger, I think I might have coped better?

I’m now just taking each day as it comes, trying not to think too much about the future!



Hi am the same when i went the hospital to find my results i thought looking after 3 grandkids eating rubbish thats what would have caursed the stroke no i have a irregular heartbeat thats what caursed it i was in shock i thought i was healthy am on 2 tablet for thining my blood but life goes on we just have to live with it

Hi Brugge  -  Did you have a good evening meeting up with other SS?  You may have already posted about this and perhaps I've missed the boat...?  I think you said it was also your birthday, so best wishes for that ? 

All being well, we should be going to Bruges for 4 days (from Sunday).  I feel very ambivalent about it, we're desperate for a break and change of scenery, but going away seems like a big deal.  I think our world has become smaller during the last year ?.  I know that I've tried to cover all bases and now I just have to relax and enjoy - there are no plans, just wander through the city and enjoy the architecture, maybe go easy on the beer and choccies ?.

Best wishes to you xx 

Hi lynnjenny,

Thanks for your reply to my post. It is a great shock, just as you adjust to being a SS, then you’re told about your irregular heart beat. The tablets we’re taking twice a day should hopefully do the trick, are you taking anything for your cholesterol, like me? Remember, as long as we stay positive, and do all the right things, everything should work out. You’re  so lucky to have grandchildren, wish I had some. Being surrounded by anyone that gives you love, is probably one of the best cures ever! 

Stay strong

be positive 




Hi brugge am taking a cholesterol table each day as well my grandchildren keep me going but the tirdness is a pain and lately i cry for no reason i have my review with my stroke nurse tuesday see what she says hope you ok we will get their in the end