Second TIA

Hi catgirl here.

Unfortunately I had a second TIA on Wednesday 23rd August. The first was 15 weeks ago.
This was exactly the same, I remember nothing about it. It lasted 10 minutes or less. We did go to our GP Surgery, where I was seen by a locum. He did all the usual things, and referred me to the local hospital. I received a call today, to go for a Head MRI scan. Just can’t complain at that.

I feel really tired, scared, quite low really. I also feel I’m back to square one.

I am struggling with the tiredness ATM, but I am 79.
My husband is also very immobile at the moment. He’s been waiting for spinal decompression surgery for 10 months. He’s unable to walk without a rollator. Today he heard they are not going to do surgery. This is a blow to us both. We’ve been housebound for 10 months now, unless our son takes us in the car for a meal etc.

I’m desperate for us to go away for a few days, near the sea.
What are your thoughts on this?
We manage here at home, I’m sure we can manage in a b&b/hotel.


@catgirl sorry to hear you’ve posdibly had a 2nd TIA. Sorry to hear your husband isn’t going to get his op either. It’s understandable that you feel a bit low after all that.

If you want to go away & you feel like you can manage then go for it. If you do your research before you go you’ll know that they can cater for your needs.

There are companies that do holidays for people with disabilities that you could perhaps look into. A couple of links below. I’ve never used them so can’t say how good they are.!/

Best wishes


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My thought is go. If it will bring you pleasure to be by the sea, it can only do you both a tonic of good. My thoughts are that if something is destined to go awry, it doesn’t really matter where one is, at home or away. I recently had a trip to the sea, it was just the ticket and it also rewarded me with a lovely memory to take back with me. If you plan it decently, factoring in mobility, daily meals, taxi services, and accessibility, it should be a lovely time for you both.


Hello @catgirl

I’m with Rups. A wee break is a good tonic for the spirit. It sounds as if you’d both enjoy & that has to be a benefit :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry to hear of you TIA, so fingers crossed for you & husband
I’m also with Rups and Simon ; Sea air is amazing
I have been twice to the coast since my stroke ;
each time I felt great being by the sea
It’s iodine in the air, or something

Good luck, Roland


Go for it,what’s the worst that can happen?it has already and you are managing so you will manage a holiday and it will give you something to look forward to,a change of scenery,blow the cobwebs away and you will feel better in the sea air.xx