Saw my stroke consultant today

I had my follow-up appointment today with my consultant 11 weeks after my stroke. Ìt was good news she is incredibly pleased with my progress, said i was fit to drive, i notified my insurance company and hope to try and drive tomorrow. But theres a big but she showed the mri and said you did suffer a serious stroke… this is the first time anyone had said this and it really spooked me


Wow, that can really bring it home for you, just shows how well you have recovered and have so much to be thankful for :smile:

I hope you take someone with you tomorrow when you first drive and be sure to drive in a quiet area, the first few times can be a bit nervy. My hubby took me to the quiet part of our neighbourhood to drive around and park a few times before venturing out into busier traffic. But it had been a year before I could drive again so it was all a bit white knuckle driving for me :smile:


Morning :slight_smile:

Just wanted to offer my best - and echo others.

Getting back behind the wheel is a big step. It was for me and yet it was only a month of not driving. Those little, short stints on familiar roads will be a big help. Build things up. I found that driving takes a lot out of you - and still does a little bit now.

Hopefully for you too, lovely weather for it!



@Veggiepatch great news that you have been cleared to drive. It can be scary & upsetting when the consultant tells you something you weren’t expecting. You’re doing well though so try & focus on that.

Hope the driving goes well. Slow & steady initially. It’ll probably be exhausting xx

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Thanks everyone. I haven’t driven yet my battery was flat! Not a good start. But hey ho having a stroke was challenging from the start!


I’m driving again now. Used to go to a big empty car park to practice on a Sunday and went a little fu each time. Eventually I paid for a real lesson and asked the instructor to be honest about my driving. She said I was absolutely fine and the best way to get my confidence back was to try and drive every day in non peak times and not go too far which is what I’m doing. It definitely helped having an expert on the case. As others have said it is tiring and I really have to concentrate but it’s so good to finally have some independence back! Good luck !


Gosh ive been up at my pkots weeding and im pooped tonight

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Stroke in November 2022 - appointment in March 2023 with my Stroke Doctor. He doesn’t want to see me until the autumn which I regard as a good sign…

Sounds good hope you continue to recover well!

Thank you very much for those words

My stroke was 13 th January. I have the use back in my right side which im incredibly grateful i know how lucky i am but the fatigue is something else