Sad news

Dai or David, who was a member of our Welsh social stroke group and later set up a group for those coping with aphasia has sadly passed away.

When I joined the Welsh group, I found myself enlightened by a particular chap who had a wicked sense of humour and an intelligent bent to his observations around him. He was always a gentleman who considered every thought before bringing it to the group’s attention. He wrote poetry and was a teacher in a past-life before stroke. He had also worked as a bouncer and was fond of iron-forging. He had a passion for the old crafts. He was the kind of chap one would ask for if abandoned on a desert island.

David had a stroke, a few years later, he had a secondary stroke which was much more pronounced and affected his speech and swallowing. I spoke to him several times in hospital (via Zoom), after he had the tube removed. He told me that the first thing he craved was McDonalds. He was hungry. He returned home and organised an online group for those coping with aphasia. I didn’t join that group. I had spoken to him quite a few times over the phone, and was delighted that his speech was coming on in leaps and bounds, David was a natural chatterer and enjoyed a chuckle. He also did karate in his spare time, hence his username.

I don’t know why he passed over to the next fabulous adventure we all must take, but he will be sorely missed by me, and others. It was unexpected to me, and I am sad that we didn’t meet in person as several times, this had been discussed as it would have been doable.

In any case, for those who might not know, I am posting this in the hope that the Welsh group may read my post and acknowledge the loss of a fine man.

Here is his first post to the forum, so that you may read his introduction yourselves.


I am truly sorry to hear about your friend. You have given a beautiful description of him, that makes me wish I had known him. Maybe on my next adventure - which is the way I also ‘see’ death. I am glad he was able to find his ‘new’ self. I am glad I read his profile and found another post by you…Braveness, Stubborness, Inner Viking…He is still helping others, even now.


@Rups so sorry ro hear of the loss of your friend. Sending my heartfelt condolences to you & all his loved ones. It sounds like you & he had a great friendship which i’m sure he valued immensely.

Rest in peace Dai.



Condolences @rups
Please pass on to @seconddandai ’s significant others


Morning @Rups. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. He sounds an inspirational gentleman who made the most of what was in front of him, thank you for sharing. I will take his example with me today, Julia x


Morning Rups, so sorry for your loss. David sounds like a big, big character, who I’m sure will be missed by many. Every stroke support group needs a David that’s for sure, he must have been a great inspiration to everyone at the group in Wales.

I would like to send my condolences to David’s family and friends. RIP Dai :heart:

Regards Sue


That’s sad news. RIP Dai.


Diolch yn fawr all, I know that sooner or later, the die is cast, and it’s particularly sorrowful when someone packs up their kit and wanders off, and you know that life would have been richer had misfortune turn the other way and kept them around, but it’s the just the brunt of being born in the first place and he was a lovely chap. So, was good to have made his acquaintance in passing :grinning: