Rushing to get better

Hi, I'm 47 and have just had my 1st stroke. I've spent a week in hospital and have now been released. I've been referred to another hospital due to the amount of mini bleeds I had. Long story short, I'm struggling with how long it will take to show improvements. My speech is still slurry, I have double vision (this is the worst for me), my hearing is all echoey and I'm still affected by pins and needles down my left side. I had no preparation for this, I was discharged from the hospital with no help. I'm frustrated I'm not getting better and am getting depressed. 
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I think you have been sidelined because of the virus and the attention that that is commanding from medical staff.  However, you have been very poorly and need appropriate treatment, support and follow up.  You might need someone to help fight your corner.  Unless you are persistent you won't get the attention you need.  Your youth is on your side, but you might need various types of support to make a good recovery.  Others on this site will give you better advice, so keep in touch.

Take care xx

Hi Becky , I'm 48 and had my stroke last August. I'm better than I was but I am still limited some days . I would say the first 3 months were the hardest I spent most days just sitting . Please be patient I'm afraid in my experience it's not a quick fix . Have you tried calling The Stroke Association helpline ? They will be able to offer advice as to what help is available. I think it does differ from county . I was in hospital for 4 days and then sent home with the Early Discharge Team . This meant the Occupational Stroke team visited me at home straight away to offer support and therapy . I was highly functioning so could look after myself . They signed me off after 10 weeks . I then got a visit fro The Stroke Association who then offered all sorts of help . I also saw the consultant after 3 months for a check up . He then referred me for more tests etc (heart) to see if there was a reason why I had my stroke - there wasn't . I'm now sort of left to myself I do have weekly sessions with a Personal Trainer at the gym who is part of the stroke regab team and I also have contact with a stroke coordinator. I hope you manage to get yourself in the system - Say yes to everything if it's offered . And I hope you get the support you need . Best of luck

Thank you for your king words. I was in hospital for 7 days and was so relieved they were going to discharge me I admit I didn't even ask for help. I haven't rung the stroke association yet but intend to ring tomorrow as well as ringing the doctor. I feel very much alone at the moment although I do have my partner here to help me. 

I had a visit from the stroke team the very next day they were a life saver really so knowledgeable and reassuring. I needed help getting my head around it and they were great. I'm really glad I had someone to chat to and make sense of all the strange feelings I was experiencing. The stroke fatigue I found hard to manage . And I was really scared . Anyhow here I am 8 months later I have good days and bad days . My stroke was mild but definitely life changing . Make those calls and get some support x take care 

I'm just reading yr post . I also struggled with my vision particularly white light I found sitting in a dim room helped and I wore sunglasses . I can only say rest rest rest and more rest . My eyesight is better now but I still can't read a book . I did have my eyesight tested ( stroke team)and they said my vision hadn't changed but it was the brain processing that was causing me problems in reading and looking at things . I also slurred and stuttered and do now too when I am tired or if my brain has had too much activity 

Oh bless you yes I was very emotiallaugh

Bless you 

Bless you 

Hi, I was discharged in less than 12 hours due in part to not having any significant side effects and I think that the hospital wanted the bed and to get me out of harms way RE the virus - I was sent on my way with a bag of medcation and was contacted by the local stroke services team within 36 hours. I think if your local team havent contacted you need to ring them yourself dont drop off the radar, get in touch with your own GP and tell them you have not been contacted and find out if they have received your hospital records - ours said they usually will do a home visit but this is not possible right now so will send out a lot of info leaflets.

Give it a few days and if you havent been contacted, ring your GP again keep on at them - dont think you are wasting thier time , your not, you are ill and need treatment/ help/ advice. You could try ringing the hospital stroke unit that you were discharged from to get more info or the one you were refered to to check if your records have been assed onto them. 

I totally agree with NicABella 21. She speaks the truth.  Best of luck xxsmiley

Hi , I just want to say to Becky b that , rest is very important as ive found out to my cost . I thought i was going really well and stepped up my walking routine and was felling good . Im now feeling really low again as i pushed it too much. My leg and head are both numb again and my speaking has stuttered again. I have the burning in my lower leg and foot and permanent pins and needles. Ive had to have my medication altered as a result. I have learned the hard way and i suggest you take as much help as you can and REST REST REST . Tony

Hi I had 2 strokes by 47 I didnt know about the first one and they can't date it! I was discharged  the following day by mistake and the aftercare was virtually none existent- whilst all sounding negative what I can say is it will take time and to write at least 6 - 12 mths off to rest, mend and mentally deal with what has happened to you. I thought oh couple of weeks all will be ok and I can carry on as normal - big mistake.  Just relax and rest try to keep up with any exercises youve been given but most importantly listen to your body. You will know when you need to just stop, and if you are like me that is the hardest bit.  I still overdo it frequently but just give in to what your body is telling you. Don't expect too much from yourself it is a life changing event. It's not all doom and gloom I am just 2 yrs on and I have had to give up work (in fact I don't know how I found time work now!!) and I take each day as it comes and enjoy it when I get a good day because everything seems to be normal again.  My main issue was the anxiety of a reoccurrence as I am sure it is for everyone this book helped lots "rewrite your anxious brain" I've read 3 times and it really helped. Chin up your new you will soon be normal. X

So it's been over 2 months since my stroke. There have been vast improvements, my eyesight and hearing are normal, my pins and needles have gone. I had one phone call from OT as my hips were really hurting, apart from that I had no help. I even tried to get some private help but they aren't seeing anyone either. I can't walk far but hopefully it will improve. I still get really tired and about twice a week I have to have a  snooze in the afternoon. You have all been correct, it does take time. I'm still hopeful I will get back to normal. I'm working again but I've always worked from home so no change there really. Thank you all for your positive words, I hope your all keeping well x