Reminder: Tuesday Wales Zoom group

Shwmae, hoping to catch Wales stroke survivors who might have missed our group call out. We meet every Tuesday via Zoom at 2 pm for one hour. You can join our group here. On Tuesday the 7th of June, we have Matthew Brunning as a guest speaker. He is a barrister with the No5 Chambers in London, and had a cerebellar stroke the same month as me in 2021. He returned to work after six months, and his story is really interesting, and his physio intense. He has also raised money for the Stroke Association. If you are in Wales or come from Wales, please join our group, we have lots of wonderful people involved who benefit from the social interaction. :grinning:

If I open this up to the rest of the UK. Who would be interested in attending? I can post the Zoom details here if others would benefit from participating.

Morning @Rups . Do they let Geordie’s join? I’m very not Welsh. If so I would be interested. I took part in the forum’s focus group yesterday and it was a positive experience. Julia

I’ve been on holiday to Wales many times and am going to Skomer island in July. Does that qualify me as an honoury Welshman? :thinking:

Okay, great. I will post the details here closer to the date. I truly believe we all can benefit from hearing other’s stories and being able to ask questions.

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@Rups I think you are right, a regular meeting centre would be an excellent resource.

Looking into the future, some sort of agenda could be useful. I’d suggest a range of activities, suggested by the participants. A discussion group. Simple Exercises. Perhaps an occasional not too challenging ‘pub quiz’ too?

Bob (Welsh on maternal side) (brought up in England never learn Welsh language)

Shwmae everyone, I have been exceptionally busy and rundown over past five days, so have been incapable of planning my thoughts but tomorrow we have a special speaker at our Zoom meeting and I would like to extend that to everyone here … details below … we go for one hour including an opportunity for questions or discussion.

Rupert is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Stroke Special Speaker

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 604 913 8622
Passcode: STROKE21

At what time is the meeting @Rups ? Forgive me if you already mentioned it.

Meeting is at 2 pm. I will let people in as they log on.