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Hi, my name is Edith and I have never used a forum before. My husband had a stroke at the beginning of the year. He’s doing well but I’m looking for home rehabilitation, particularly now that the N HS sessions are coming to an end. Can anyone recommend where I go to find further rehab as I am at a loss. Thank you so much.


I have any info on therapists, but there are some things that you can do on your own. I rehabbed myself at home with exercises. I bought therapy putty on-line. It comes in different colors for strengths. I would pinch it and pull it and roll it in my hands(keep it off of furniture) in the evening as I watched TV. I also bought 1, then 2-lb weights to practice with my affected hand/arm as I watch ed TV. They gave me varigated stretchy vinyl lengths. I’d tie one to a table leg in a loop, stick my leg through and pull out for leg strengthening. There are small tens units you can buy to stimulate the nerves. I practiced walking with a walker, increasing steps each day, then a quad cane, then a regualr cane, then no cane. Hope these ideas help. Wish I could be more help. Maybe someone at this site will have the info you need. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne


Thank you for your reply which is full of helpful suggestions. I hope you continue with your recovery and all goes well for you.

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Keep an eye on this thread I’m sure there will be others along with useful suggestions for you.
You are very welcome here and we will do what we can.

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Hi Edith, I don’t any advice to give but wanted to say stay hopeful , keep an eye on this thread and investigate the videos on this site. Moira.

@Edith1 welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your husbands stroke. I would ask his current physios if they have a list of specialists you could use. Google is also a good place to look but remember it’s a neuro physio you need rather than a generalist one. Failing that your GP should be able to help.
Maybe try the Brain & Spine Foundation helpline too. Link below.

Best of luck with his recovery journey xx

Hi Edith.
I second what the others have said. If you want someone to come to your home, the likelihood is that it will cost you money. I have a neuro rehab trainer supplied by ARNI (Google them). Sessions cost roughly £45. They also have a range of rehab videos for sale, which are quite good. During lockdown I also found a channel on YouTube, hosted by Tara Tobias, who runs Orlando Neuro Rehab. She demonstrates all sorts of exercises for stroke recovery. That kept me going for months!

Hi Edith,
My father has been discharged last week after 2.5months in the hospital rehab unit. Unfortunately the community rehab team have a 5 week waiting time so we have decided to go private in the meantime. As @Mrs5K also mentioned must ensure that you look into a neuro physio. It also depends if you are able to attend appointments at their clinic or need at home sessions. Hopefully you should be able to find a company or an individual that fits what you’re looking for. My sister and I did a lot of googling!

@Fatema welcome to the forum. Hope your father is doing ok in his recovery. Shame you have to wait 5 weeks for the Community rehab team. I think I had a similar wait. Best of luck xx

Thanks for your reply. How did you find it affected your recovery? We’re a little overwhelmed at the moment and not sure where my dad will end up independence wise in his day to day. He can walk very short distances at the moment but struggles a lot with fatigue. Sorry to go off topic of this main thread.

@Fatema I used the time I had to wait to continue with the exercises I had already been working on but I also found some leaflets on line and videos on YouTube that I worked through. I guess the thing I found the hardest was the motivation to do them all when no one was going to check how I.was getting on. I did find it slowed progress a bit particularly where I mastered something as i then didn’t know how to move on to the next level.

Hi Fatema

What happens if the home is not suitable to move to and you can’t afford to go private please


Hi @Sunflowers welcome to the forum. Hope you find it a useful place to be.

I’m not sure what your current situation is but someone shouldn’t be sent home if it isn’t a suitable place for them to be. A rehab place may be used as an interim measure. The home should be assessed & adaptations put in place to enable someone to return home. That could be done by an occupational therapist or adult social services.

Wishing you all the best.



Thank you. My brothers home has no central heating or any heating. A bathroom upstairs. No cooker or hob. They said they can get him in the lounge but he couldn’t go in and out as the house has steps so would be stuck in a lounge. It sounds crazy to me. He would have to have a stand up wash at a kitchen sink and isn’t totally continent. I feel he would be like a caged animal. Surely there is a better way.

Can I buy a buy to let bungalow and rent it to him using his benefits for housing to cover the mortgage?

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I think you are best off getting some advice from somewhere like Citizens Advice to ensure you stay the right side of whats allowed @Sunflowers

I think you need to get adult social services in to get an assessment of his needs.