Reduced the carbamazepine intake

I have now cut out the carbamazepine medication as it has no noticeable benefit whatsoever and am having a face to face meeting next week with my GP to discuss options, but as I’ve tried most types available I’m running out of choices sadly, may have to suck it up and rely on pain killers .


@mrfrederickson : curious and not familiar with this drug. Is it related to Gabapentin?
Hope you find an alternative. Best of luck to you.


Hi outlander, not that I’m aware of it follows most of the neuro pain blockers having started as a treatment for epilepsy and low moods, hopefully you find bett luck in pain relief than I have over 3 years and every day is the same looking likely this is my existence until the end or a great many years in the future, gets really boring and monotonous, oh well still alive impaired and in pain 3.5 years done more to follow

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Mthanks derek,

Not sure it’s the same family of drugs but intended to treat the same issues, willl see what the quack says tomorrow.

Hope the GP can provide a better option for you Mark @mrfrederickson

Thanks hopefully it will work out would be a major victory if it does.


I hope you have some relief soon. I have given up talking to them about it. They don’t seem to be concerned about pain. At least they have never listened to me about it or made any suggestions for it. Thankfully, compared to the other pains I have had with the surgeries, it is not so bad, but it is continuous, not healing like surgeries do. I have lived with it for two years now, almost used to it being there… I may try talking with my new GP since he has not idea I quit complaining about it. It is possible they do not address it because pain medications might negatively interact with heart and blood pressure medications, or with the progress I am making with my vision.

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Hi deAnn sorry to hear that my doctor has agreed to ween me off doloxatine and start gabapentine 300 mg a day in three doses, will let you know how it works out, also booked me into the pain clinic for what that’s worth. Here we go.


I’m taking 800mg Tegretol pd as a stabiliser for bipolar, and I did benefit from some neuro pain relief.

I also take 2700mg Gabapentin pd for pain. I have titrated up to this without GP approval but they are aware.

Then I’m on 150mg Amitriptyline pd again to help with acute pain. I have a condition called SUNCT, which is in the Trigeminal nerve and causes the most unbelievable pain.

Finally I take morphine when the pain reaches the level when I’m writhing on the floor.

SUNCT, for me at least, usually is not a problem but since I had the TIA it has progressively become more intense and neverending.


Hi sally we, looks like you have your symptoms well covered,

I’m on my second dose of gabapentine and have reduced pain in walking , so feeling hopeful.