Recovery struggle

It is now 3 months since my TIA followed by an endarterectomy.  My current most worrisome symptoms are shortness of breath and a persistent dull ache in my kidney area and an inability to sleep for more than four hours.  I have had antibiotics, blood tests and an X-ray.  I can see the test results online, but am not equipped to understand them fully.  It would appear that I am borderline acute kidney injury, borderline post inflammatory ateletactic but I haven't been able to discuss the results with a GP.  All of which drives me borderline insane with worry.  I need to pull up my Granny pants and brave the issues involved in trying to talk to someone qualified to help me. I am very aware that in regard to this current covid crisis I am small fry but I really feel that there is something wrong with my kidney function.  Oh to wake up one morning and get out of bed with none of the accompanying aches and pains of my recovery.  To feel fit and ready to take on my life.  Jo Biden is a year older than me, look what he is undertaking. He is engaging with the world and I am unable to engage in what should be a simple phone conversation.  However I am going to make a cup of coffee, I wonder if Jo Biden can do that.  Marylin

Hi Marylin, I know you've listed a catalogue of nasty niggles, but you have such a lovely way with words, so you keep us all smiling!!  

It's a challenge to know whether these issues are related, has one problem caused a knock-on in a different part of the body?  I think a GP might have a tough time trying to work it out, so you probably need to see specialists within each area.  This takes time and hassle, and no-one wants anymore of that just at this moment, but I suspect you might have to deal with a range of specialist consultants  ?

I'm hoping that Joe Biden will be able to maintain his enthusiam, what an unenviable task, it's hard to imagine that anyone would want the job of POTUS ?, but maybe you could share a coffee with him when he comes to Cornwall in June, I'm sure he'd love to come to relax in your garden!!  xx

i squandered an hour getting through to the MedicalCentre and now am back on the antibiotics. Another urinary tract infection, I have only just finished the antibiotics for my shortness of breath.  Perhaps I need the antibiotic equivalent of domestos.

get the feeling that the natives Are not too keen on welcoming a load of people bearing who knows what covid gifts to Cornall during their busy season.  But Biden and Boris are very welcome to call in for a Cornish Cream tea at No 34.  However the jam goes on first then the clotted cream in this house.  The A30 dual carriageway is only a couple of minutes away but do not have room to land a drone let alone airforce 1 on the drive.  Someone needs to warn Boris not to try any Rugby tackles on the boys of west Cornwall, rugby is a major sport in this county.  Wasn't that young poetess fantastic at the inauguration, I hope her pearls of wisdom are heeded by all.  She has a brilliant future and a very real, beautiful writing 'voice'.  Marylin





Marylin, I know the feeling. Apart from a continuous sense of stiffness around my stroke shoulder, I have dry eye, occasional eczema and nasal problems caused by a hole through the septum in my nose. Every morning when I stretch in bed, I ache.

then I tell myself to get on with it and get on with it I do. I drink some water to hydrate myself, make tea and take my tablets then get up. There are many worse off than me and,luckily, I get vaccinated next week.

John Jeff, Congratulations on getting your vaccination next week.  Our Drs are a bit behind and we haven't heard anything yet. I suspect it will be mid Februarybefore we get jabbed.  I have a cousin in hospital with covid, our age, things are not looking rosy for him as he has heart and lung issues and refused to be ventilated.  Yes you are so right there are others always worse off than we are, but just occasionally I need a self pity day, today the antibiotics are making me feel rather rough.  However the sun is shining and I need to look through the garden catalogues and decide what jewels to garnish the garden with this summer.  What can I plant to beat the subtle exotic look of the Eucomis of last year?  I get a real kick when people remark how much they like my tiny, tiny front garden.  Note to self, Must remember that pride comes before a fall!  Marylin

The calm after the storm, this morning inky sky turned to pearlescent pink then blue, beautiful.  There are clouds on on the horizon and it is bitterly cold.  I will need to time my daily totter with the sun.  It will be a totter as yesterday I was surprised how weakened I am by the infection and the antibiotics during yesterday's totter.  I have a stick in one hand as left hip is distinctly dodgy and dog lead in the other hand  ending in a bouncy Jack Russell.  Picking up the Pooh requires coordination on my part and cooperation on Pip the dog's part.  Somehow we manage not to end up in a humiliating mess. 

the news on the covid front is slightly disturbing, though common sense tells me a jab is not going to solve everything covid for some time yet, certainly not this year.  I fear this is only the beginning of change in the way we lead our lives.  I wonder what the new normal will be, will we ever be able to move amongst people freely and hug our friends and relatives without fearing infection.  Coping with stroke outcomes is hard enough without coping with covid on top.  Being british we will keep calm and carry on, even if it a wobbly progress of two steps forward and one step back.  Marylin

Hope you hear about your vaccine soon. Our vaccination centre was superb. In,jabbed, rested and out in 20 minutes. I had Pfizer, but as I joked with a friend on the phone...for all I know it could be Lucozade.

Hi John Jeff

we had the Astra Zeneca, on Monday, you know, the one that is supposed to be ineffective for over 65s. My King College Zoe app guru thinks it is effective.  After a wet foggy drive across Bodmin moor.  Didn't feel too good next day and arm sore. Breathing was worse.  Husband had sore arm and aching joints.  Still rough next day.  Thursday my breathing was getting worse, so rang stroke nurse for advice, as Drs said emergency calls only.  She got me pone appt with GP.  Prescribed yet more antibiotics and told to get covid test as could possibly have caught covid getting the vaccine.  Granddaughters ordered home test for me, didn't want to risk getting covid having a drive in test, ha ha.  Granddaughter talked me through scanning barcodes for test, did test, drove round Launceston looking for priority post box as info on post website was wrong, found one in vets' car park.  Had to have a Sherry to recover.  Now proud possessor of Oximeter and need to report if oxygen drops to 92.  Not sure how to do that if you can't get through on the phone and you must not email the medical centre. Breathing is easier so guess antibiotics are working. Dr said side effects showed immune system had been stimulated, bad news guru says they are worse with booster jab.  Is there no end to this misery? Hope you surviving suitably.  Marylin

Just to add to previous saga, breathing woresened and stats were below 92. Called dr told to ring 999 . Ambulance arrived. Paramedics said normally we would give you oxygen but there is a shortage and we can't, normally we would take you to hospital but they are not treating people so we can't.  Your doctor should have come out to see you.  So felt in the middle of GP v Paramedic war. However still alive.  Marylin

Marylin, So far so good. I had virtually no reaction with the Pfizer jab, but it was in my wonky stroke arm. I have heard there is more of a reaction with the Oxford jab and it's worse if, like my two nephews in the health service, you've already had Covid.

Sherry is a wonderful idea. Rings a bell because I'm currently making Sherry trifle.

EASY ACCESS SHOWER. Advise please. 

1.5 years since cerebellar stroke, time for easier showering.  Thinking swap bath /low level non slip shower tray (Mira?) drain poss prob ? /no door / grab rails /fixed seat / non slip, gritty ? tiles to bathroom floor / extractor fan / pir sensor to automatically work this & lights / cork bath mat . Any thoughts much appreciated. Keep smiling David.  

I would visit your nearest Disabled Living Centre. They will give you advice on equipment and installers.

Thanks , I will try ,when allowed out & don't know if people allowed in your home, to work ? David 

My Aunt always insisted on a Sherry or two before lunch.  My husband Loves trifle, I prefer my Sherry in a schooner,have I spelled that correctly?  I made diabetic scones this afternoon. 

We found a company called motionspot who have a domestic range under the name fineandable - they have been amazing -although getting a builder has been trickier!!


Advice is good . Thanks David.