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Hello any advice appreciated. I’m 49 years old and been told I had a stroke last week as opposed to a TIA as symptoms
Lasted more than 24hours. I don’t smoke, hardly drink and am not overweight. I also exercise regularly . Results of CT aren’t back just MRI to confirm stroke . What should I expect in the next few weeks, what will they want to do and how do I avoid another one? Thank you

@Suze13 welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you’ve had a stroke. I too was 49 when I had my stroke 4 months ago. I was fit and heathy and didn’t drink or smoke. I know the cause of my stroke (carotid artery dissection) but not what caused the dissection and have been told that I was unlucky as it’s normally caused by a trauma which never happened in my case. I agree with what @Loshy & @Mahoney have said about follow ups etc. there’s never any guarantee around having another stroke but in time this worry will lessen. Best of luck with your recovery and I hope you get the answers you need.

Thank you for replying

Thank you for your words

Thank you, just trying to get my head around it all!

Hi @Suze13 , welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve joined our merry band of stroke survivors (as I would rather you hadn’t had one). The good thing is you will find lots of useful information here.
I wish you all the best with your recovery.
It will take you some time to come to terms with what has happened but there are loads of people on here that will have had similar experiences so can help with most questions. Everyone will have their own unique set of symptoms but there are many common aspects as well. I found it really helpful just reading through lots of the posts.Feel free to ask any questions and I’m sure you’ll get helpful advice.
All the best, Mark

Welcome Suze, sorry about your stroke, every stroke is different, it depends on how your stroke has affected you, my stroke affected my walking and left hand especially, but we are all different, I do hope your recovery is going well, it does take time, I was 44 when I had my stroke in July 2017,:been a long journey for me trying to walk again and my left hand. I hope your mobility is better, but I’ve learnt to not compare myself to others. Please keep in touch how your recovery is going, kind regards John


Thank you, it’s been a long journey, slow at first, because I had a bleed on my brain and was in a coma for 4 weeks, now I’m still trying to improve, but can walk slowly short distances with my walking pole, I use a pole now as much better for me, helps me stand better, than my walking stick and quad stick. Take care. John

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Thank you Loraine for kind words, I’m a little new to this page, nice to talk to someone, have a great weekend too, take care John :blush:

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@John04 sounds like you are making great progress. In time I’m sure you’ll be able to work further & quicker. I’m working on my walking speed & distance. It’s going ok but I’m used to running so would like it to go quicker​:grin: I am learning patience though. Have a good weekend. :sun_with_face:

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Thank you, I can walk to my local shop, I and don’t mind walking, I’m getting a little quicker. I’m trying to not compare my to what I did before and try to think of my progress, have a great weekend :blush: