Reading/writing after a stroke

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Traditionally we offer a welcome to the forum and a regret that you have had to join - which I repeat here :slight_smile: there are other things that we normally say a few of us gathered into Welcome - what we wish we'd heard at the start

The gathering of useful sources of support and help in relation to aphasia has also been done here

Which would be my first destination!
if you started to search the internet for aphasia you will find a lot of resources. I’m not sure if UCL Have yet made the resources of Avapark (evapark?) Public but if you search UCL and “better conversation” you’ll turn up lots including home therapy as well as stuff done through Queen’s Square which seems to be a national centre of excellence

Searching on here (magnifying glass top right of the page) will mostly throw up requests for resources rather than any specific help but would still be worth exploring .

There are plenty of phone apps such as “Google look to speak” aimed at at supporting communication needs of aphasia sufferers and there are lots of resources -YouTube channels example for example - that give exercise on SALT

I would look at those apps that are recommend more specifically Helpful Materials - The National Aphasia Association
Best apps for aphasia | AbilityNet


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